Galaxy Nexus is the New Name Rumored for Nexus Prime ??

Well, that’s too much, right? Only yesterday, after Samsung updated their site with a nexusprime.xml page, we thought the final name of this device – for god’s sake we mean – is Nexus prime and if it ever launches on Verizon, it would be called Droid Prime. But, an anonymous tipster to gsmarena doesn’t think so. He’s thrown a bit of news about the Nexus Prime (let’s call it this until officially name appears): 4.65 inch Super AMOLED HD display, 8.8 mm thin body that’s got its curves from Nexus S, metal back in place of plastic, Android 4.0 (which will be called Ice Cream Sandwich), and that it’s name is Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Btw, doesn’t Samsung Nexus Galaxy – not Galaxy Nexus – sounds better?

You know, it’s been Nexus One, and Nexus S. We would expect the next nexus to be called along the lines of Nexus fill-in-the-blank pattern, and no +1 for Galaxy Nexus name. But, if the tipster turns out to be an Arabic guy who’s grown up reading right-to-left (that’s how Arab languages read), might be, what he saw written was in fact, Nexus Galaxy only. Thoughts? Anyway, it’s just a rumor, in fact, just one other rumor.

The name aside, all other said specs seem practical. After all, who would say No to metal back in place of plasticky cover, and 8.8 mm body (even though hair thicker from Galaxy S2’s 8.5 mm body) is pretty cool. Curvy like Nexus S, no complaints about that. But that 4.65 inch screen with Android 4.0 running coolly over that, we’re already drooling over it, eh!

Oh yes, there’s a support page for device ID GT-i9250 live at Samsung’s UK site – here. Can you figure out what does it mean? Anyway, we’ve been linking the GT-i9250 with Nexus Prime for so long, let’s just hope all of this confirmed by someone sometime soon.

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