From October 18, Verizon will allow you to add Google Play purchases to your phone bill

If you are on Verizon‘s network, you will be able to make purchases from the Google Play Store and add the charges to your Verizon phone bill, starting tomorrow October 18th. AT&T and T-Mobile users have been enjoying this facility for some time now, and it was about time Verizon included carrier billing support for its customers.

The ever-so-alert folks from Droid-Life were tipped off by their sources, that Verizon plans to allow Google Play carrier billing from October 18th. While this is a great move, and we are sure that Verizon customers would welcome it, there is a small catch though. Verizon will have a cap on the amount you can add to your phone bill, and this would be set at $25 per phone you have registered on the network. Pity you can’t go ahead and order that 32GB Nexus 7 and charge it to your Verizon account- too bad!

At this point, pending official or details from Verizon, we are assuming that the $25 is a monthly limit. Even so, it is a welcome facility for Verizon users, and will just make the process of purchasing apps, music and other content from the Google Play Store that much easier.

So what do you plan to purchase from the Play Store tomorrow?