Free Tiktok Likes: Can You Get Them? Is it even possible?

TikTok has become one of the widely used platforms for social activity and even amidst speculations of getting banned in the US, the app continues to be actively used. However, the one thing that remains the same between TikTok and its social media counterparts is that the content on both of them gets judged on the basis of the likes a post gets and it’s no easy task to get those likes in order.

Since likes are what basically determines how well an engagement a post generates, it’s important for any content creator to get a healthy amount of likes to become even more popular. In this post, we’ll discuss if you can get free likes in your TikTok videos, whether it’s legit and safe, and should you use it on your account.

Can you get free likes on TikTok and is it legit?

Yes, but maybe. We say so because there are a lot of websites that claim to get you free likes on TikTok but the authenticity of these remains unproven and more often than not, you might be left unsatisfied.

You’re required to enter your name, TikTok ID, and email address and also make sure that your account isn’t set to private when signing up for free likes on any of the websites that offer them.

As to whether these likes are legit, there’s no conclusive way of knowing whether your likes were generated by bots or real people. You can still see if your likes were performed by real people by checking for these things:

  • If the account that liked your video has a cryptic alphanumeric name as a handle, then it’s most probably a bot
  • No profile pictures or generic ones also mean it could be a bot
  • There’s not much content uploaded by the liked user

Are free likes on TikTok safe?

With the increasing popularity of TikTok, websites, and apps offering free and paid likes and followers have also seen a substantial rise. The basics of these services is that you register yourself for a free likes-boost using your TikTok username and email address and then activate the claim by clicking on a link.

We can’t stress enough how untrustworthy most of these services might be since clicking on a suspicious link can compromise your TikTok account credentials as well as other things that are associated with it. You should consider that clicking any link on the internet adds a tracker that keeps a log of the websites you visit, pushing even more ads than you usually get and thus hindering your privacy.

Another thing to note is that TikTok like other social platforms are constantly working towards avoiding fake engagement on their service. The company’s community guideline clearly states that inauthentic activity won’t be tolerated.

If you want to proceed with these websites, you’re doing so at the risk of temporary or permanent account suspension. You also need to make sure that you don’t share your TikTok password or any other credentials with them.

Where can you get free likes on TikTok

When searching for it on Google, we found a bunch of websites that could get you free likes on TikTok but there’s no proof that it would not compromise your account or privacy in general. When selecting these websites, make sure they are protected with the “HTTPS” protocol for safety, pass the Google Transparency report safe browsing status, and have valid site certificates.

If you wish to pay for likes for your TikTok videos, you might want to check out the following websites:

  • Tokupgrade
  • TikFuel
  • TokSocial
  • Instasamy
  • FeedPixel

How do these websites get you free likes on TikTok

Most of the services that you would bump into are set up to push customers into using their paid versions. Services like these are designed to get you more followers on social networking sites, a part of which is also done through likes you receive on posts.

Once a user gets a handful of free followers and likes, they’re then drawn to get more likes and followers, which they will end up doing by subscribing to the paid version of the website.

Should you try to get free likes

There’s no proof that the likes you get on the post will be organic, meaning some of them could have bots behind them. But even if they are unorganic, a higher total number of likes will be visible on your account page, thus giving your profile some kind of an upgrade either way.

So unless and until a website asks you for your TikTok password or bank information, you are good to go. Keep in mind that you’re doing this at your own risk and there’s no real way of knowing if you will get the stated number of likes or would the likes stay in your profile after a period.


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