Should you ever use Sneakapp? Or any service like it?


In TikTok’s over-competitive environment where people are really pushing themselves just for a few followers, it’s easy to get swept up in promises of fame and grandeur. And that is exactly what sites like Sneakapp could prey on. Getting a solid following on social media apps is far from easy. It takes work and time.

If you were considering taking a shortcut using sites like Sneakapp, here is what you should know before you take the plunge.

What is Sneakapp

Sneakapp is just the latest in the list of sites that claim to add on to your followers on TikTok. This particular site claims that it can add up to 5,000 followers to your account. Naturally, this has grabbed the attention of TikTok users worldwide.

Sneakapp is not the first site to offer this service. Following TikTok’s rise to fame, a number of sites popped up offering similar attractions, in the form of followers, likes, etc. All these sites claim to have a “special” algorithm to hack TikTok’s user base to help you get followers faster. Sneakapp claims to create bots to increase your following.

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How do these sites work

Unsurprisingly, all these websites have a very similar look and feel. It’s almost as if they were made by the same company. Either way, their main goal is getting you to their site.

One of the ways these sites generate revenue is by teaming up with other apps and sites. They make you take surveys, download third-party apps, or even just interact with virtual assistants.

Advertisements, of course, abound on these websites. Each click usually launches a new popup. The idea is to keep you engaged as long as possible on their website.

The more they make you click the more advertisements they can shove in your face. Naturally, they keep claiming that each step is getting you closer to your goal of 5000 followers. But is it?

Is Sneakapp, and other such websites legit?

Well, let’s start off by saying that websites that sell followers definitely exist. But the term to concentrate on is ‘sell’. No website offers free followers. Websites like Sneakapp are known to reel people in with the promise of free followers; and who wouldn’t want that?

Sneakapp does not seem legit to us. Once you input your username, it simply makes you download a few apps. Ads are constantly pushed on you as you do, and you are redirected out of the browser to your App store.

This is quite typical of such websites that claim they can increase your following on social media apps. However, we can confidently say that Sneakapp does not work.

Why you should not use them

Well, first off, the chances of getting free followers from a sketchy app are very low. Additionally, these websites are full of trackers. Our antivirus reported fifteen trackers on the website. These trackers keep a watch on your browser activity to create a profile of your likes and dislikes.

Additionally, on the off-chance that you find a site that gives away free followers, these followers are most probably going to be bots. Bots are not real people. They do not interact with the user, like their content, or leave comments. Social media apps work on the premise of active followers. So even if you have 5000 followers but zero likes, your videos will not be prioritized by TikTok’s algorithm.

Another thing you will have to worry about is your account getting banned. Using bots to increase your following, views, or likes, goes against TikTok’s Community Guidelines.

So to sum up, no, you probably shouldn’t risk your online privacy and your TikTok account getting banned by using these websites that claim they can get you free followers. Organic followers are far more likely to get you where you want to go, than bot followers. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us in the comments below. 


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