Essential Phone is probably the fastest charging phone in the world at the moment

Oh the Essential Phone, we’re already in love with you. We’re totally in awe of its specs, and its 360 degree camera add-on that’s available for only $50 right now ($200 otherwise), and its engineering, thanks to which the EP1 packs in 5.7-inch display in a body lesser in size than that of Google’s 5-inch Pixel device, and now we come to know that it supports whopping 27W charging speeds.

Cool, isn’t it? Especially when you know that the latest HTC flagship, the U11, tops out at just 15W.

Given the high resolution display on Essential Phone and its 3040mAh battery, fast charging was always an essential here (no pun intended). Now, the Essential Phone is powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor, so the device obviously supports Quick Charge 4, which Qualcomm boasts, is capable of giving your device five hours of charge in five minutes of charging.

With capacity maxed to 27W, the Essential Phone should be charging at really good speed for you. Though a slight matter of concern would be the heat dissipation while fast charging this device, which we will come to know about only later.

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But then again, almost all aspects of the Essential Phone have been polished to perfection, so we’re guessing Essential has taken care of that too. Oh, BTW, there’s probably no other smartphone out there which can match the 27W output on the Essential Phone.

Source: Essential

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  1. This is fake information.. essential PH-1 is not fastest charging phone at all.

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