Check out Essential Phone 360 degree camera video sample, which the device can live stream to social networks

The Essential Phone has now been unveiled along with the 360 degree camera module which clips to the back of the device. Now, the use cases of 360 degree camera are mainly in live streaming sessions on Facebook and a few other social platforms. Based on the company’s support page, which just went live, live-streaming video from the 360 degree camera module has been confirmed– in fact we also have the video samples recorded from the camera, give below, coming in directly from Essential.

This camera works the same way as Samsung’s Gear 360, in that it can readily stream content, whether you’re at a concert or just going for a walk. It’s pretty amazing how the boundaries have been pushed in this arena, especially on a brand new device from a brand new company.

Since the Essential Phone comes with a two pin connector, we’re hoping to see more accessories or modules that can simply clip on and let you do a whole lot more with the smartphone. Andy Rubin’s main aim with Essential was to bridge the gap left by other OEMs who haven’t been able to offer the best of everything in a single device. Sony and HTC – it’s 2017 you guys, come on!

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The smartphone itself screams class and quality with a 5.7-inch bezel-less display (similar to the Xiaomi Mi Mix) at the same time maintaining a smaller body size than the 5-inch Google Pixel. A lot of precision work was done to get the device to look and feel the way it is. Craftsmanship of this quality simply leaves us craving for more.

Essential Phone 360 degree camera module video sample

Essential phone - official 360 degree video sample

Source: Essential Support