How to Enable or Disable Google Bard Extensions

What to know

  • Bard has added extensions to provide real-time details from Google Maps, Flights, Hotels, YouTube, and Workspace.
  • For this. go to > click the toggle button for the extension to turn it on (blue color) or off (grey color).
  • By enabling an extension for Bard for a specific app, it can source data from your account to enhance its usefulness.

With extensions, Bard now has the capability to give you up-to-the-minute details from Google Maps, Flights, Hotels, and YouTube. Once you enable an extension for Bard for a particular app, it can pull up data from your account for the app and assist you even more.

Please note that Bard may need to share some aspects of your conversations and relevant details, like your location, with external services to provide you with useful information. These services may use this data to improve their features, regardless of whether you decide to delete your Bard activities in the future.

Here is how to turn on extensions on Google Bard. Or, turn them off, for that matter. Have a look at the guide below.

How to enable or disable Google Bard extensions

Check the step-by-step guide below to learn how to turn or turn off extensions on Google Bard.

First up, visit the extensions page at (Make sure you are signed in.)

Click the toggle button to turn it blue, thus enabling the extension for the given app.

Likewise, to disable an extension, click the toggle button to make it grey.

That’s all.

Here’s a GIF demonstrating how to use the toggle button for switching an extension on or off.

That’s all.

While you’re here, why not take a peek at Google’s cool video demo for Bard’s extensions right here? It’s pretty decent, anyway.

Introducing Extensions ✨ | Bard


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