How to Fine Tune and Modify Gemini’s Responses

What to know

  • Gemini lets you modify its responses and fine-tune the responses to allow for more creative control over the content.
  • Highlight the part that you want to modify, click on the ‘Edit’ button, and modify the prompt.
  • You can modify the content with a prompt, make it shorter or longer, regenerate, or remove it. 

Gemini hasn’t always been on the mark. But thanks to a recent update, you can now modify its responses if something is not to your liking, give Gemini additional instructions, or otherwise take control of the creative process on the whole. Here’s how you can tune and modify Gemini’s responses.

How to tune and modify Gemini’s response

  1. Open and start a conversation.
  2. Once you get a response from Gemini, highlight the portion of text that you want to change. Then click on the Modify selected text option.
  3. In the modify content box, you can ‘Regenerate’ the selected text, make it ‘Shorter’ or ‘Longer, or ‘Remove’ it entirely. 
  4. Once selected, wait for Gemini to make the changes. You can undo (or later Redo) the changes if needed.
  5. If you want to modify the content in a certain way, type what change you want to make in the prompt box and hit Enter.
  6. Gemini will change the highlighted content based on your prompt. 
  7. You can further modify the response to your liking until the final response is to your liking.
    Modified to ‘Longer’

Anytime a Gemini response is modified, you’ll see the words ‘Draft modified by user’ in the top right corner.

Which Gemini responses you can’t modify

Although most elements of the response can be changed, there are certain aspects that you cannot modify. Here are some areas where Gemini won’t let you make changes:

  • Responses that use extensions, code blocks, and images.
  • Prompts that Gemini cannot understand, don’t tell Gemini how to make changes, or those which violate its use policy. 


Let’s consider a few commonly asked questions about modifying Gemini’s response.

Can you change Gemini’s responses on the mobile app?

No, you can change Gemini’s responses on the web only. 

We hope this guide helped you improve your Gemini responses. Until next time!

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