Bard Image Generator: How to Get an Image in a Response From Google Bard

What to know

  • Google Bard can respond to your prompts with an image.
  • Depending on your prompts, Bard will automatically add an image to improve its response and add an extra layer of visual information to them.

Google Bard couldn’t respond to your prompt with an image when it first came out but an update in May 2023 brought the feature home. If you direct it so with an appropriate prompt, it can respond with an image to your prompt.

How to get Google Bard to respond with an image

Firstly, open on a browser and log in to your Google account. 

Then enter a prompt that will likely cause Bard to respond with images, like the following:

What are the most popular cat breeds in America?

Given the nature of the prompt, Bard will most likely respond with text as well as images.

If, for some reason, Bard does not respond with images, you may have to prompt it to specifically respond with images. 

Bard should also provide you with the sources for the images provided. If it doesn’t, same as before, you can ask Bard for it.

Alternatively, you can simply click on the image to see where the images came from.

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Let’s take a look at a few commonly asked queries about Google Bard’s ability to respond with images.

How do I extract an image from Google Bard?

Officially, Google Bard doesn’t provide any way to extract images from its responses. This is because the images aren’t ‘generated’ the same way they are on other AI tools like Midjourney or Stable Diffusion. You could always right-click on the image and use the ‘Save as’ option to save the images. However, their size will only be as big (or small) as they appear in the response.

Can you enter images as prompts in Google Bard?

Currently, no. Google Bard doesn’t have the ability to understand visual prompts, though this may be changing soon. Do keep an eye on this page for future updates.

Is Google Bard API free?

Yes, the Google Bard API is free. However, since Bard is currently in the beta phase, its API is only available to a limited number of users.

The addition of visual responses adds the all-important multi-media format to Bard’s responses. Not only will it allow Bard to keep up with the developments in the chatbot market, but also make its responses clearer, more precise, and entertaining.

We hope this guide helped you get an understanding of how to use Bard to get visual responses. Until next time!  

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