Cold War Weapon Tier List: Know About Every Gun in the Game

It’s been almost two weeks since Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War came out and already META is starting to form. Playing multiplayer is all about finding which guns to use depending on the strategy employed and the situation you’re in.

But with a variety of attachments available and more than a dozen guns available, there’s no easy way to find out which guns come out on top and which ones go under the radar.

That is why in this guide we have put up a list of all the guns in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and have categorized them into four tiers: S, A, B, C, and D.

Though it won’t come as much of a surprise for hardcore gamers, many new players would be eager to know which of the weapons they can depend upon and which ones to avoid altogether.

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S-tier Weapons: MP5, M16, Krig 6, AUG, Pelington 703, AK-47

This category includes guns which are, hands down, the best and most powerful ones in the game. Even though some of them have been nerfed, they still are capable of annihilating your enemies completely or silencing them with a single well-aimed shot. Let’s take a look at each one closely.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield

This SMG is easily the best weapon in the game if you ask us and opting for any other SMG is just heresy. Whether one finds basis in precision, damage-force, recoil, or a balance between the mid-and short-range game – there’s hardly a factor in which the MP5 fails to deliver.

The right attachment combinations further boost its damage, range, and recoil to such an extent that this SMG becomes a weapon without an equal on the battlefield. It is no surprise that it is amongst the most popular weapons in Cold War and in the right hands, there’s just no match for this little beast.

One could say that the MP5 is at a stage that it might be needing a nerf soon, but we hope Treyarch doesn’t mess around too much with it.  The only drawback comes in long-range battles, but hey, we didn’t say it was perfect.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield

This tactical rifle is the bridge between a sniper and an assault rifle (more assault than a rifle) and deals ungodly amounts of damage with extreme speed and accuracy. Its burst-fire is ideal for those who prefer engaging in mid to long-range battles and don’t want to be blown away with heavy recoil.

M16 is fast, deadly, and cream through enemies in seconds. With a few attachments, this tactical rifle is truly a force to reckon with.

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Krig 6

Screengrab via: Tigerfield

Of all the assault rifles, this one has the lowest recoil which makes it super easy to handle and makes an easy game of your enemies. Its bullet velocity and long-range capabilities are its strong suits. When modified with a few long-range and precision attachments, one can build upon its solid foundation and bring its true potential to the fore.

The Krig 6 is a true all-rounder and gives the best weapons in the game a run for their money. Even though its balanced nature means that it isn’t specialized for a particular form of warfare, it sure does remain a staple for flexible players.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield

The AUG is another tactical rifle in our super-tier that packs quite a heavy punch. It is similar to the M16 in and even tops it a few ways. Though many would want to stick with the M16’s low recoil, AUG’s deals out much more damage per shot at the same fire-rate.

This is not a gun to be meddled with, and when combined with a few attachments, it basically becomes another M16. If you don’t mind a little extra recoil and would rather see your hits doling out more damage, there’s nothing better than an AUG.

Pelington 703

Screengrab via: Tigerfield

No COD players in their right mind would discount the king of all sniper rifles – the Pelington 703. Amongst all the sniper rifles, this one has the best handling. So why would anyone want to pick any other sniper rifle over this one-shot-kill monster? For no good reason, that’s why.

As is the case with any sniper rifle, your focus with the Pelington 703 should be on how fast you can aim and fire. That is why when combined with high fire-rate, damage, and ADS, you can continually keep popping one enemy after another and clear the battlefield for your mates.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield

No super-tier is complete without this all-time fan-favorite. There is hardly any gun that comes to mind in the assault rifle class that can deal the kind of damage that AK-47 is known for.

But its sheer force can be a boon as well as a bane. When using an AK-47 one sacrifices accuracy and speed for brute force. That is why this gun is the ideal weapon for your loadouts and makes for a fine mid-range weapon. In the hands of a veteran, no other gun that is as deadly as the AK-47.

A-tier Weapons: AK-74u, Hauer 77, LW3 Tundra, Milano 821, XM4, Bullfrog

Weapons in this tier are just shy of being some of the best guns in the game, for one reason or another. There’s no doubt that guns in this tier are still very impressive and can be used for everyday gameplay, though you wouldn’t be using them for intense battles. Let’s take a closer look.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield

If it sounds like a miniaturized version of AK-47, it’s because it is. This is essentially a mix between an SMG and an assault rifle that covers all the important areas well – range, accuracy, damage, control – you name it. If you’re looking for a hybrid, this might be your best bet. But you might as well pick up an actual SMG or an assault rifle.

Hauer 77

Screengrab via: Tigerfield

Nothing beats a classic pump-action shotgun in close-ranged encounters. With the Hauer 77, you can clear a whole room with one shot drops. Those who prefer going the traditional shotgun route would pick this over its semi-automatic cousin Gallo SA12 any day. Certain players are just going to love the overkill that they can get with this.

Needless to say, it is basically completely ineffective in mid to long-range, so save it for close encounters of an unexpected kind.

LW3 Tundra

Screengrab via: Tigerfield

An alternative to Pelington 703, this is another great sniper option with the ability to quick-fire. Although there is no comparing the two as the former clearly outperforms it in every way possible, with a few attachments, the LW3 Tundra becomes a good competitor.

In fact, there is very little difference between them in terms of stats and attachments and both work well in the sniper category. Nevertheless, don’t sulk if you find yourself using LW3 Tundra; it’s possible that after a few rounds, it may become your go-to weapon.

Milano 821

Screengrab via: Tigerfield

With a slow fire-rate but extremely high damage output, especially in close-range encounters, the Milano 821 is definitely a niche SMG option. At close range, it is simply barbaric to use a Milano 821 because of how utterly strong it is.

Although it excels in terms of control and the amount of power it generates, don’t expect to get the high fire-rate that you would expect from a submachine gun. With a few attachments, it does hold its own, even though it may not be the epitome of SMGs.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield

This is easily one of the best assault rifles in the game which is why it’s also the default choice. Everyone ends up using it at least once and figure out what it has to offer. Undoubtedly, it will treat you well especially when you start unlocking customizable options.

With superior control and accuracy, this bad boy deals a lot of damage in mid to long-range battles. But don’t expect it to deliver the same way in the short-range.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield

As our final A-tier gun, this SMG has a lot going for it – significant damage per shot, large mag capacity, and low recoil. It even performs better at longer distances than the AK-74u thanks to its high damage. It is definitely a gun worth giving a shot. Those who’ve had enough of the MP5 can switch to this and notice a considerable difference, both in feel and damage.

But it may come across as trying too hard to strike a balance between a submachine gun and a light machine gun which may not be what most players are looking for.

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B-tier Weapons: FEAR 1, DMR 14, M60, M82, RPD, Stoner 63, Gallo SA12

Guns in this category are generally considered half-way decent and can be fixed with a few attachments but they are hardly ever the go-to option. Usually, any gun in this tier has a better alternative in the previous two tiers which is why they only serve as alternatives or perform a niche function. Let’s take a look.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield

This gun has split the COD community into two. Some seem to be okay with the additional mags while others harp on about the disadvantages of fewer rounds per mag. Some people are simply going to be furious that didn’t place the FEAR 1 in a higher tier. But that’s not saying that we don’t use this assault rifle sometimes. Sure, it would definitely not be our primary weapon but when you’re left wanting, FEAR 1 works just fine. 

DMR 14

Screengrab via: Tigerfield

Here’s another gun that looks to serve more than one function. As a mix between assault and sniper rifles, this gun has some good things going for it. It is closer to a sniper rifle than an assault rifle. But because it fires quickly, many would prefer having this over the general sniper rifles as they get the ability to destroy enemies fairly easily from a distance.

Using this gun in close range is almost impossible so don’t even bother. Unless you’re in love with this gun or no other option, you’re better off with something with a bit more damage per shot.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield

There’s not a lot to say about this light machine gun. It is close to other guns in its class but does fall behind in some aspects. Those who prefer a gun that offers good handling speed and accuracy may end up liking it after a while. But for an LMG, its rate of fire is clearly not up to the mark that may end up being the deciding factor on the battlefield.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield

This is the lone semiautomatic sniper rifle in the game and, unfortunately, it is also a weakling in its category. It’s good to be able to continuously keep shooting without a pause. But if you consider its abysmal handling and the recoil, there’s no way you’re going to hit your enemies much. Sure, this can be fixed with a few attachments but at that point, you’re better off with an assault or a tactical rifle.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield

Another LMG in the B-tier, the RPD has a few good things going for it – movement speed, damage, and handling. But where it lags is also its downfall – accuracy. When you can’t accurately hit the target, there’s no point in harping on how good everything else is. Nevertheless, those expert shooters that can work with anything won’t find this gun too much of a hassle.

Stoner 63

Screengrab via: Tigerfield

This is the first LMG that players start with and there’s a lot to like here. It is perhaps the best in its class and boasts a solid fire-rate, accuracy, and decent control. In mid-range fights, this LMG makes for a wise choice. But in any other range, this may not be your best bet.

Gallo SA12

Screengrab via: Tigerfield

This is the other shotgun in the game. Which one you end up choosing basically comes down to whether you want a traditional shotgun or a semi-automatic one. It may not exactly be a niche weapon, but it does provide remarkable firepower and is more welcoming to new players which is why it may just edge out the Hauer 77 in the previous tier. But it’s basically a matter of preference.

C-tier Weapons: 1911, Diamatti, QBZ-83, Magnum

As we go down the list, things become bleak and good, usable guns get few and far apart. Guns in this tier are not the worst in the game, not by any stretch. But it is better to switch to something better than trying to upgrade them with different attachment combinations. Anyway, here they are.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield

A semi-automatic pistol that does what you expect it to do. It has just okay accuracy and ammo. It’s neither too hot for the enemies, nor does is it a colossal failure – just decent. With a decent reload speed, comparative better damage output than others in its class, and a few attachments, this one does manage to hold its own.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield

How much you like to use pistols basically comes down to how you play the game. We won’t say Diamatti’s stats are bad, though not as good as 1911’s. It does have some accurate burst fire that works in its favor, but other than that there isn’t a lot going on for it. The main problem with pistols is that you rarely end up in situations where using them is a better option than any other secondary weapon.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield

This is by far the worst assault rifle (worse even than every SMG) in the game. This gun could benefit from upgrades for accuracy because its speed and damage aren’t all that bad. If one were willing to salvage this weapon, one would have to really work on it with the right attachment combinations. But even then, it is better to simply switch to a better assault rifle.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield

This is by far the best pistol in our opinion. It is excellent for those who know how to handle it well for its damage is simply amazing. But we understand it is not for everyone which is why it ends up here. However, it does have the ability to surprise anyone who uses it even for a couple of rounds.

D-tier Weapons: Combat Knife, KSP 45, Type 63

The worst of the worst, the runt of the litter, useful only in the rarest of rare situations – the D-tier weapons aren’t exactly head turners. Players using them are either going to be ridiculed or be glorified for the daunting task that they have undertaken. Keep your expectations to a bare minimum as we take a look at them.

Combat Knife

Screengrab via: Ahoy

No surprises here. The combat knife is, well, uh… it’s a knife. If you’re looking for single attack zombie kills at lower levels, you may be able to knife them in the face and move on. Other than close encounters with unarmed enemies, the combat knife doesn’t have anything else to offer. So that’s that.

KSP 45

Screengrab via: Tigerfield

A burst-fire SMG that ought to have been in a higher tier were it not for its extremely low-damage output. You may end up spraying the enemy all day long and never get a sure kill with this weapon. Besides, why would you even opt for this when you could pick, oh, just about any other SMG if that’s your weapon class of choice? Beats us.

Type 63

Screengrab via: Tigerfield

Another sucker, this one from the tactical rifle class. It used to be good at one point, but in Cold War, the recoil and fire-rate nerfs have destroyed it completely and made it almost useless.  You’d have to work hard to find attachments to make it half-way decent and make it usable again.


Screengrab via: Tigerfield | Ahoy | Zanar Aesthetics

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