Can You Turn Off Fact-Checking On Facebook?


With the amount of misinformation flying around, it is no wonder that the social media giant is taking steps to try and curb it. With its new introduction of ‘fact-checking’ Facebook is one of the only social media outlets that upright lets people know that they are posting nonsense!

What are Facebook ‘fact-checkers’?

Recently you might have seen a notification on a post on Facebook claiming that the post has been reviewed by ‘Fact-checkers’. In a surprising move to fight the spread of misinformation, Facebook has employed a fact-checking function. This function is inbuilt into the Facebook interface and works with all posted content on the app.

Facebook explains how they have used technology as well as human intervention to enable the new fact-checking function. Some countries will have certified users working in accordance with the non-partisan International Fact-Checking Network.

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How do fact-checkers work?

Well, Facebook does not make it extremely clear on this. It seems Facebook is using ‘bots’ to identify hate speech, terrorist content, and more. Basically these bots scan content and compare it to Facebook’s Community Guidelines which outlines what can and cannot be posted on the social media app. There is also the use of machine learning, to help identify posts that should be checked based on past reports.

Another way this function works is by reviewing content that has been reported by users. You will notice that there are new options when you report a post on Facebook, that includes ‘False news’, ‘Terrorism’, etc. Facebook employs a team of third-party fact-checkers that are reviewed by the non-partisan International Fact-Checking Network, that rate content on the app. Depending on the rating given, these posts will appear lower in your News Feed, thus reducing the exposure of misinformation.

Can you block or turn off Facebook’s fact-checkers?

No. Facebook’s fact-checking function is inbuilt and part of the interface. There is no way to isolate specific fact-checkers and block them. Naturally, Facebook does not divulge the identity of its fact-checkers, and even if it did, these fact-checkers work through Facebook, and not from a personal account.

Blocking a ‘fact-checker’ person using Facebook’s block function only blocks users and pages with that name from showing up on your News Feed. It does nothing to prevent your content from being reviewed by Facebook.

Well, there you have it. While Facebook’s fact-checking algorithm is by no means perfect, it does look like a step in the right direction. What do you think about this function? Let us know in the comments below.

How to turn off fact-checking on Facebook

Well, as mention just above, you cannot turn off fact-checking on Facebook. Any article or video claiming that is not correct (as of July 29, 2020). For now, you will have to live with the fact-checking, even though it may big you once in a while.

But I heard you can block fact-checkers…

Well, ironic as it is, this is actually a hoax. It seems to have stemmed from a post back in January that claimed that Facebook bots were able to search through your posts and block them. While this is not completely off-base, there is no real way to block these ‘bots’.

There are a lot of guides out there that tell you to block ‘fact-checkers’ from the Facebook block user function. However, all this does is block users and pages that call themselves ‘Fact checker’. Facebook does not actually disclose who and where the Fact-checkers actually are, so blocking random pages named ‘Fact checker’ won’t really do much.



  1. Nonpartisan my ass!

  2. You must be a “dyed-in-the-wool” liberal to think ANY “fact checking” by Facebook is a good idea. They need to change their icon to a swastika

  3. Fakebook is the Joseph Goebbels of the American Communist (Democratic) party

    1. oddly enough i was put in FB jail for sharing a Joeseph Goebbels quote… apparently its too much truth for the times

      1. i quoted hitler . democracy is merely a streetcar you take to where you want to be . then you get off. that struck them a bit too close to home . got 30 days for that. they are indeed stalinist or nazi in their censorship. they are posting advisories to people i invite to check out the page i administer. telling them i have repeatedly posted false stories. one was a troll in spain complained a photo take from above a rainbow was false. and something from agence france press , a photo of a beautiful woman in sudan, that said guiness considered her to have the darkest skin tone on record today. their “factcheckers” declared that false. the posts were 2 1/2 years old. the trolls had to scroll back that far to find something to get butt hurt over.

  4. Apparently a post I made about a life experience event that happened to me when I was 12 was labeled “partially false.” Now, I know the “fact checkers” are a total fraud.

  5. So funny that they say it’s part of the interface and you CAN’T block them when I’ve already done so. (Settings and privacy-settings-blocking-click on add to blocked list-type “fact” or any variation [as they have caught on and are now changing up from just “fact” ie. factory or factorry etc.] Block results as you see fit) This post is full of misinformation so that the user will just accept this and follow. I personally call this page false and have officially fact checked it.

  6. “Can you block or turn off fact checkers? Answer: No”
    Fact check: Partially false.
    Go to settings – Your Facebook Information – Deactivation and Deletion. Delete account [You have just successfully blocked fact checkers]

  7. While I respect their right to do this after you see their fact check you should be able to remove it from a post.

  8. this entire article is fake news and yes you can block facebooks and youtube and twitters ”fact checkers”. by simply usning the browser extension called Ublock origin you can use the tool called element picker and select/highlight the fact checker intrusion and on the bottom right of your screen a box will pop up with the elements code. copy the entire line of the code and right click the ublock extension by your address bar and click the ”my filters” tab. paste the code into the filter then click apply. now refresh facebook/youtube/twitter and poof no more propaganda from big tech.

    1. Can you do this on the apps or only for an internet browser?

  9. Στάννις Μπαράθεον

    i dont like this idea cause…reasons i fact check it as false… that not how fact chekcers should work…and facebook siding with the one side is ridicullus …. why even take sides? you are just a social media tool not a polititan…. fix your fake accounts and porn that is wild here and then the politics

  10. This article is propoganda just like the Commies at Facebook like it. With so much ‘truth’ out there they had to take steps to keep people dumbed down and numb, ‘just keep checking your Facebook and forget about the lies and deception surrounding you’. I hope the author is proud of himself for trying to deceive people. It’s easy to block big tech’s Nazi Democrat wing. Best thing to do is delete fartbook and go enjoy your real life.

  11. Facebook is a hack , I have been kicked off or suspended many times . Literally every post that I place on fb within the last four years regarding left or right wing politics has been blocked or shielded . I sell on market place and I have been ripped of when buying from China on a face book add . How fucked up can you get . Facebook charged last for the adds that China robs us on and FB does not stand behind the buyers he get robbed on their platform . Facebook is a liberal shit hole !!! Fuck you zuckerbergh

  12. To be suspended 30 days for hate speech by saying China sells us junk goods, which is true by the way, is bull! I forgot Zuckerberg is married to a Chinese woman. I have nothing against her! Then to suspend me another 30 days when someone vandalized a monument scuptured for 3000 unknown soldiers of the Confederacy with paint and a hammer and chisel near Atlanta, that was recognized by the Smithsonian Institution as a masterpiece of art, I said whoever would desecrate the graves of anyone regardless of race or creed should be shot! Did I mean it literally… But they do deserve to be severely punished! They were Confederates. Facebook sees them as traitors! Unworthy of respect!

  13. renita seale patterson

    My Cousin is a Physician at Baptist E.R. the information was sent to me from her personal email account
    However i didn’t tell my friend to post on Facebook and take the credit for the infomation.

  14. I am currently serving a 30 day suspension on Fakebook for saying ” Anyone who has roaches in their car is a f&#$@#g pig”

  15. Finally. Thanks Nerds Chalk for telling the truth. I will be checking and conducting test runs in the coming weeks. You may have overplayed your hand. Yet to be determined of course.

  16. Fuck fact checking. Needs to go. It’s stupid.

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