Can I still watch HGTV without Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus has just been released but wasn’t there a Discovery streaming service before this? This seems to have caused a lot of confusion among viewers and one of the most prominent questions out there seems to be if you can watch HGTV without the new streaming service; Discovery Plus? Let’s take a quick look.

Can you still watch HGTV?

Yes, as long as you are subscribed to it via your TV provider you shouldn’t have to pay for Discovery Plus. Discovery Plus is an independent streaming platform that features shows from HGTV instead. It is expected to be the platform where upcoming shows premiere first but you will still get to watch it on Live TV as long as you have a subscription through your TV Provider.

Which TV Providers do not require a Discovery Plus subscription?

This includes Roku, Amazon firestick, The HGTV mobile app for Android and iOS, Vudu, FandangNOW, iTunes, Amazon Video, Microsoft Movies & TV, and Vudu users. Additionally, if your platform does not support the HGTV app or channel, then you can opt for the streaming service which is currently available for $5 where you can catch up on most of HGTV’s content.

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  1. Elizabeth Duvall

    You keep saying starting at 499 for discovery plush and 6.99 for no ads this for 6.99 is that for one program that you stream or you can stream as many as you want for $4.99 ? Example if I sign up I would pay 4.99 if I stream property brothers . BUT . Will it cost additional $4.99 for every other program I stream how does it work ?

  2. I’d like to know if I get Discovery+ will I still get the Direct TV plan that I have now? Is it just $4.99? No taxes or fees? If I didn’t want the Direct TV plan anymore & just got the Discovery+,would any of my favorite shows from Direct TV, be on Discovery+? Would I be losing a lot of the TV shows I watch now?

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