What Shows Are Moving to Discovery Plus? List of Top 10 Shows

A new horse has entered the subscription-based streaming race, and instead of scripted comedies or CGI-heavy medieval fantasies, it’s full of cooking shows, home renovation, and the world’s best wildlife documentaries.

Discovery Plus just launched January 4th, bringing with it a tidal wave of content that normally you’d have to dust off the old cable box to see — and then some. While the streaming services market becomes increasingly crowded, there’s good reason to keep up with Discovery Plus. It’s bringing all 15 of Discovery’s umbrella of channels and the 55,000+ episodes onto the platform for a subscription starting at $4.99/mo alongside a host of original heavy-hitter reality TV programming. Down below are just 10 of the bigger shows and brands you can expect to find, in their entirety, on the newest subscription streaming service.

Biggest Shows on Discovery Plus

1. All the David Attenborough Documentaries

Planet Earth II: Official Extended Trailer | BBC Earth

You might not recognize him on the street, but you’d certainly know his voice. If you’ve ever seen a nature documentary in your life, there’s an overwhelming probability it was voiced by Sir David Attenborough, natural historian and highest authority on how to narrate a close encounter between a praying mantis and a spider. Everything from the BBC’s original Natural Histories programs to Blue Planet and Planet Earth is up in their totality on Discovery Plus.

2. House Hunters (And Its Many Variants)

Chicago Edition | House Hunters | HGTV

Everything from House Hunters‘ original iteration to House Hunters International and even the brand new House Hunters: Comedians on Couches where bigshot comedians are given the arduous task of sitting on titular couches and roasting episodes of House Hunters. Because yes, reality TV has come full circle, so get ready to watch people watching TV.

3. Mythbusters

Testing Cement and Tile Armor | MythBusters

While its last episode aired back in 2016, Mythbusters continues to be one of the biggest draws for Discovery and stands as a solid reason to tune into Discovery Plus. Instead of desperately praying for a rerun of an episode you somehow haven’t seen of everybody’s most in-depth guide on how to factor explosives into almost any empirical investigation, you can load up Discovery Plus to see Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman and crew push the limits on how much their producers are willing to shell out so they can see if running or walking through the rain gets you less wet.

4. Home Town

A Southern Dream | Home Town (Rewind) | HGTV

Fans of Ben and Erin Napier tune into Discovery Plus to watch any of the five seasons of Home Town coming to the platform and watch the couple restore the character and spirit of old southern homes using their complementary mix of design and woodworking skills. Anybody who likes home renovation shows would do well to check out Home Town, while fans of the series have a bonus title to be excited for the Disney Plus original, Home Town: Ben’s Workshop. 

5. Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home - Official Trailer | Magnolia Network

Rather than clearing their schedules to accommodate broadcasting schedules, fans of renovation shows or just fans of Fixer Upper will be able to watch Chip and Joanna do what they do best on their own time on Discovery Plus. Like the rest of the Magnolia Network’s programming, the new show Fixer Upper: Welcome Home will be exclusive to Discovery Plus until the network launches later this year.

6. Chopped

The Craziest Chopped Mystery Basket Ingredients of ALL TIME | Food Network

Originally airing in 2000, Chopped still stands as one of the reigning champions of competitive cooking shows. Those who love to witness the existential angst of talented chefs come to glorious explosion on-camera will revel in the series entire catalog of episodes, all available on Discovery Plus alongside other cook-off classics like Iron Chef. 

7. Magnolia Table

Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines - Official Trailer | Magnolia Network

One of the Magnolia Network’s flagship doses of original programming, fans of Fixer Upper might enjoy the renewed focus on the kitchen with Joanna as she serves up some well-produced cook-alongs that fans of the Food Network will love to sink their teeth into. The show will only be available on Discovery Plus until the Magnolia Network Launches officially later this year.

8. 90 Day Fiance

First Look: 90 Day Fiancé Season 8!

Give somebody a US visa contingent on them marrying their signficant other within 90 days of arrival, add the fact that the betrothed have never met before, and then make sure a robust team of cameramen is watching their every move throughout the experience and you’ve a got a recipe for shameless, assured success. 90 Day Fiance and 90 Day Diaries will both be going up onto Discovery Plus uncensored and alongside its Disney Plus Original counterpart, 90 Day Fiance Universe, giving fans of one of TLC’s most popular shows strong reason to check out Discovery Plus.

9. Property Brothers

Property Brothers

Twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott have become the most recognizable face(s) in TV fixer-uppers, using their unique take on visualization and their ability to help coax timid homebuyers into taking a leap on a rundown house for an opportunity to build the home of a lifetime. There’s a reason they’ve been able to produce 14 seasons over nine years, and every episode’s going to be available on Disney Plus.

10. Worst Cooks in America

Carla Hall Confirms the Cooks on Worst Cooks in America Really ARE That Bad | Food Network

What’s better than the best? In the case of reality TV, the worst. At least that’s the premise of Worst Cooks in America, a show where professional chefs go out of their way to find the worst cooks in the nation, brand them as the worst on live television, and put them through an excruciating bootcamp designed to better their skills while cooking up some flavorful TV. Fans who want to see a food-related trainwreck with an ostensibly happy ending can check it out on Discovery Plus.

Are you excited for Discovery Plus, or are you going to stick with the old reliables. Let us know what you think down below!

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  1. I’ve been needing to get weaned off of 90-Day Fiancé for some time now. Making me subscribe to a monthly package just to watch it is just the incentive I need to get away from all of those 90-Day losers. I welcome going back to watching Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, and Simpsons every Sunday again.

  2. Just another way to take our money you greedy bastards. So my wife likes fixer upper, great, I make sure I subscribe to a package that includes HGTV, whoops, not good enough -now I would have to ADD this- Hey, its not like I can TRADE HGTV for this, so ‘MO Money you couch potatoes!’ I will resist for as long as I possibly can- take that you greedy capitalist pigs!

  3. Yeah,Mythbusters? why would I pay to see old shows I have already seen,and alot of the shows that are exclusive are not worth watching in my opinion.Bunch of remodeling shows,this junk has been beat to death.

  4. You only give sales pitches… you don’t list what is on Discovery + and what is staying on regular cable. You are just like the Government telling us with the Obama Insurance…you’ll find out what’s in it after you buy it..

  5. I think I pay enough for what I watch. I should be able to watch new shows on HGTV. If Chip and Joanna want everyone to make them a star and then leave to make even more money well, I guess that’s up to them but unfortunately I will not be watching. As I said in the beginning, I already pay enough, and most of the channels I never watch. Doesn’t make any sense. I wish someone would come out with a package that you could choose exactly what you want and pay for that alone without adding music channels and things I never listen to.

  6. Amen to the above post. I’d like to choose channels I like, not all the extraneous stuff. I watch about 20 percent of the channels.

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