Is HGTV Moving to Discovery Plus? Which HGTV Shows Are Available on Discovery Plus?

HGTV has been owned by Discovery since its inception and the company recently announced its own streaming service; Discovery Plus. Discovery Plus launched last week on the 4th of January 2021 with the largest collection of content ever to be offered by a streaming platform. Discovery Plus is currently available in 25 countries and the basic subscription costs less than $5. But what does this mean for Discovery’s beloved HGTV, a staple for home improvement enthusiasts? Let’s find out.

Is HGTV moving to Discovery Plus?

There is no indication, for now, suggesting that HGTV will be moving to Discovery Plus. However, numerous shows from the channel are currently available for streaming exclusively on the platform. The TV channel will continue for now and there is no indication that it will be converted into a digital format.

Due to the recent pandemic and lockdowns around the world, many users without a cable connection have been unable to access Discovery’s offerings. Additionally, with big players like HBO and Disney releasing their own streaming platform to capture the growing market, it is no surprise that Discovery has come up with their own alternative. Discovery Plus is a great alternative to catch up on shows that you might have missed on your cable connection. Additionally, you can also stream the channel live using the service if you are in one of the supported countries.

What shows from HGTV are available on Discovery Plus?

There are tons of HGTV shows currently available on Discovery Plus including the classics like Flip or Flop, Celebrity IOU, and much more. Here is a list of some of the most popular HGTV shows that you can binge-watch currently on Discovery Plus.

  • Lottery Dream Home
  • Celebrity IOU
  • Flip or Flop
  • Renovate don’t Relocate
  • My Mortgage Free Home
  • Nate & Jeremiah by Design
  • Hometown
  • Benny’s Restoration Nightmare
  • Island Life
  • Hawaii Life
  • House Hunters International
  • Windy City Rehab
  • Hidden Potential

and much more! Discovery Plus has launched with the largest content library that any streaming platform has offered in the past. You can find tons of shows from HGTV and other networks that are owned by Discovery on the streaming platform.

Should I get Discovery Plus?

For now, the only HGTV exclusive on Discovery plus seems to be Property Brothers. However, there are many exclusives on the streaming platform by other networks like Magnolia, which are unavailable to cable subscribers. These shows are an exclusive pre-release on the platform before the conventional airing on live channels. If reports are to be believed, upcoming HGTV shows might also be available on Discovery Plus before their traditional broadcast on the live channel.

If you are someone waiting for exclusives like the upcoming reboot of ‘Fixer Upper’ or ‘Property Brothers’, then it might be a good idea to get the subscription on Discovery’s promotional offers now. However, if you don’t mind waiting and have a lot of shows to catch up on, then you won’t be benefitting from the exclusive pre-release anyway. Hence, in such cases, there is no point in opting for the premium subscription currently. You can always get a premium subscription in the future when a show you want to watch is being pre-released on the platform first.

Discovery offers a premium ad-free experience with a huge content library of over 55,000 different shows. In case you have been craving some nature documentaries then this might not actually be a bad deal for you.

I hope this helped answer all your questions regarding HGTV on Discovery plus. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.

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  1. Well I can tell you that Hometown did MOVE to Discovery Plus because now I can no longer stream any previous seasons with my cable subscription. I can only watch the most recent season. All these ‘channels’ and streaming services are going to put cable out of business.

  2. It is disingenuous to say you can’t get hgtv on a digital platform without cable. I cut the cord 2 yrs ago and was able to pick up hgtv, diy, Comedy Central and some other favorite channels on Philo. It stinks that it seems hgtv is trying to make me pick up yet another because they now have hgtv1 and hgtv2. I cut cable to lose channels I don’t want and decrease my monthly bill…which I did. Discovery does not offer me any value as I don’t want most of their channels.

  3. I cut the cable cord 2 yrs ago and found a streaming service called Philo that had all the channels I wanted and not expensive. It really makes me mad that hgtv wants to force me into a service that has loads of channels I don’t want just to get 1 channel that I like.

    1. It is Not HGTV . It is Discovery they own HGTV now and they are trying to force people to pay . I ain’t paying

  4. Will the shows that are exclusively on Discovery+ eventually be on regular HGTV? (Like Property Brothers: Forever Home & Celebrity IOU.)

  5. I’m sad to not having my favorite shows on HGTV! Hometown, Property Brothers, Nate and Jeremiah, Lottery Dream Home, etc
    I usually record them and relax with the hosts after a long day. But I will not be signing on because someone who probably already makes too much money wants more😡
    Good bye my HGTV friends ☹️

  6. Hgtv go let’s you binge watch but if you want to watch the current shows you have to have a platform (philo,sling tv etc) but there are some shows that’s not on hgtv like the new design star (the one that David Bromsted won) and farmhouse renovation with Jon Knight (from new kids on the block) I’m thinking a lot more but I know for a fact these two! It’s not fair I only subscribed to Philo for hgtv and the food network ( and Hallmark lol) so now I have to pay more to watch a secret hgtv

  7. *PsychicMermaidRobin, I thought I was the only one feeling slighted here! All the HGTV shows are going paid?! Like I don’t pay ENOUGH for cable, now I can’t see the shows I could normally see via cable, I have to now BUY YET ANOTHER SUBSCRIPTION CHANNEL TO SEE SHOWS I USE TO GET, NOT FREE BECAUSE I PAY BIG TIME FOR CABLE, BUT I’VE GOTTA NOW PAY YET ANOTHER FEE TO GET WHAT I USE TO GET USING MY CABLE SUBSCRIPTION! I don’t know about anyone else but, this Covid situation has made my already tight pockets tighter than ever, and NOW, the money I’m paying for cable (Xfinity), isn’t enough to get shows I used to get via my cable subscription! They aren’t even NEWLY CREATED SHOWS that they now what everyone to pay for! THEY’RE THE SAME SHOWS! I am an avid watcher of many of these shows, AND NOW I HAVE TO PAY YET ANOTHER FEE TO SEE THEM?! I’m about to cancel tv all together and just watch YouTube!

  8. I’m sorry, but I have to call BS.

    We have all been LOYAL followers of the shows on HGTV and you’ve now moved those shows onto another “pay for” platform, after we ALL pay between $100 – $200 for our Cable Service already.

    What you’ve done by taking away many shows, personalities and talented designers that we looked forward to seeing without being able to see them UNLESS WE PAY, is not only Customer UN-Friendly …. it’s basically holding us hostage unless we pay even more than we already do in order to get these shows.

    Shame on You.

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