30 Best Trendy Tiktok Mashups on YouTube to Keep Yourself Occupied

There has been no global unifier that’s been as effective as the TikTok app. More or less away from the kind of vitriol that is spewed on Facebook, Twitter, and now even Instagram, TikTok is where we go looking for those chill 15-second videos. While it’s certainly a process that makes our eyes glaze over sometimes from the vast array of content that bombards our screen, it’s not restricted to the TikTok app alone, cue the conception of TikTok mashups.

As is to be expected, good content trickles everywhere and begins to gain traction in a way that is native to that app. This is probably why TikTok mashups have become a major thing on YouTube.

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The beauty of TikTok lies in its variety of genres and the limitless scope for execution with the only restriction of keeping things under fifteen seconds. So when you venture on TikTok, you get to see just about anything you’re to find with videos ranging from funny pet ones to quick Tabitha Brown recipes. Some of the major sellers on TikTok are those dance challenges that tend to go crazy viral, many of which you might even be familiar with which include crazy popular Doja Cat “So So” dance, the “Blinding Lights” challenge, “The Renegade” challenge, and more.

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What is a TikTok mashup?

While not all of the music or content that’s on TikTok becomes a challenge, there are tons that gain enough traction to become popular or recognizable. TikTok mashups are basically five to ten-minute videos of this kind of viral music and occasionally pranks or other types of content collected in a single YouTube video. The entire time of the video is split into 15-second short music clips that are used as part of TikTok for dance challenges or are simply become popular.

TikTok 🔥NEW🔥 dances mashup with song names

What is a ‘clean’ TikTok mashup?

If you’re thinking that a clean video has anything to do with the editing then you’ve guessed incorrectly. A clean TikTok mashup actually has more to do with the nature of the content that’s present in the mashup. So whenever you see *Clean* in the video title, the video is basically approved as being safe for viewing by children and young teens.

What is a ‘not clean’ TikTok mashup?

Even on TikTok, there’s content that’s not exactly kid-friendly and potentially NSFW. From songs filled with swears to pranks that are super nasty, there is content that a parent will not approve or content for which the viewer is simply too young. Mashup videos that have content like this come with the *Not Clean* disclaimer to ensure that you are given a fair warning to steer clear of it if you’re not ready.

10 Best Clean TikTok Mashups

Whether TikTok is banned or not, at least you will be able to find engaging videos on YouTube as compilations and mashups because we can be sure that at least YouTube is not going anywhere for now. Here are the 10 best Clean TikTok Mashups:

Something that will make you laugh.

Funny TIK TOK August 2020 (Part 4) NEW Clean TikTok

Or maybe some vicarious TikTok living through YouTube with songs from much older TikTok trends


How about one with all your favorite songs from the recent past?

TikTok Mashup 2020 (100% clean)💯[no swears]

Or these funny ex-vines that went on to become viral TikToks

Best TikTok June 2020 (Part 1) NEW Clean Tik Tok

In case you want to relive the Renegade dance challenge again.

New Renegade Dance with @Charli D’amelio TikTok Compilation - Best Dance Challenges 2020

Some really good Blinding Lights one as well…

Blinding Lights - The Weeknd Dance | TikTok Compilation

Or something mouth-watering and delicious.


Maybe check out these super funny ones from the UK.

The Most Popular Videos Funny Tik Tok US UK MEMES COMPILATION

Old is forever gold.

OLD TIK TOK COMPILATION we probably never forget

And as the name suggests, iconic TikToks for viners.

iconic tik toks to watch because vine died

10 Best Not Clean TikTok mashups

This popular trend that’s worth reminiscing.

Boss BITCH Tiktok transformations

Or some good viral music from the year that’s not ending.

Tik Tok mashup 2020 (not clean)

Or this one that will tickle your funny bone.


This brilliant masterstroke that’s another level of artistry.


How about a try not to laugh challenge?

Funny Tiktok Try Not To Laugh - Funny Tiktoks US UK

Or something to cure your boredom.

10 MINS of TikTok Videos to cure your boredom

Or this interesting challenge or maybe..a social experiment?

"Shut Up Mom!" Dad

Maybe this one that captures an empowering movement.

Black Lives Matter | TikTok Compilation

Or this one to fill the empty void within.

tik toks that can fill the empty void inside you😪

And finally, thirty minutes of pure Tik-Tok

💙 Tiktok mashup - [30 MINUTES] 💙

10 Best TikTok mashups for August 2020

Generally great TikTok videos that you missed.

The Best TikTok Compilation of August 2020

Music that’s made August lit.


And of course, Cardi’s WAP has turned into a challenge.

New Wap Challenge TikTok Compilation 2020

Of course, this list would be incomplete without some dance mashups.

TikTok 🔥NEW🔥 dances mashup with song names

And some funny ones.

Funny TIK TOK August 2020 (Part 4) NEW Clean TikTok

We all love a good Glow Up Transformation mashup too!

Glow Up Transformations *Part 3* | TikTok Compilation

Some body-positivity because we all need a reminder of being happy as we are.

Body Positivity & Self Love TikToks *Part 6* | TikTok Compilation

This EDM one is pretty rad too.

TikTok Mashup 2020 August 🌼Not Clean🌼

And make-up ones that are really brilliant and we can’t get over them.


Finally, this interesting one….

SMALL BUSINESS - TikTok Compilation

There is a lot of looming worry regarding the TikTok ban and how it’s going to affect TikTokers who are dependent on the app to make a decent living. While we certainly hope that the ban is not implemented, it’s still a major reassurance for someone who purely enjoys TikTok for viewing purposes to know that access to great content is still possible on platforms like YouTube.

We hope you liked these mashups! Take care and stay safe.


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