Best Galaxy A6 accessories: Screen protectors, cases, earphones, car mounts and more

The best Samsung Galaxy A6 accessories

The Galaxy A6 is among Samsung’s recent crop of affordable, yet good looking middle-range devices. The handset arrives with a 5.6-inch Super AMOLED screen, 1.6GHz octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM on board.

While the smartphone does take advantage of a sturdy metallic design, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to also buy a case for the phone. Or at least a screen protector. After all, no one wants a broken screen. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of cases and screen protectors for the Galaxy A6. Or other accessories for that matter. Because if you’re going to enjoy your A6 to the fullest, you’re going to need some of those, as well.

So for this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best accessories for the Galaxy A6. From cases and screen protectors to car chargers and earphones, we’re going to cover them all.


Best Galaxy A6 screen protectors

Olixar tempered glass screen film

Olixar offers its own screen protecting alternative for the Galaxy A6. It’s a 0.3mm thick film that has been designed to offer optimal transparency and touch sensitivity. The protector has been rated 9H for hardness, so you won’t have to worry about your phone’s display meeting an untimely end.

Buy on Amazon UK (£14.99)

Vigeer tempered glass screen protector

As we told you above, the Galaxy A6 is by itself pretty sturdy. But protecting the display remains a priority. You can do so by getting a screen protector like the one offered by Vigeer.

The product boasts 99% transparency and its 2.5D corners beautifully match the contours of the phone. It’s only 0.3mm thick, which means screen responsiveness won’t be diminished. The Vigeer screen protector is available in a 2-pack.

Buy on Amazon ($7.99)

Best Galaxy A6 cases

Spigen Liquid Air Case

Fancy a case on your Galaxy A6? Spigen’s Liquid Air protective accessory features a unique geo pattern with a matte finish which gives the phone a sleek look but also keeps it fingerprint-free. The product takes advantage of Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology at the corners. Thin and light, the case won’t add additional weight to your device.

Buy at Spigen ($14.99)

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Otterbox Prefix Series

Otterbox also has a case for the Galaxy A6. It’s a clear one with an ultra-slim design that’s made of highly durable material. The case also features an interior pattern which helps to absorb shock from drops and bumps.

Buy on Amazon ($19.95)

Olixar Leather-Style Wallet Case

Want to add a classic touch to your Galaxy A6? Well, you can do that by snapping on a leather case for the Galaxy A6. Like the one Olixar has to offer.

The case was designed to be slim. Even so, it can still provide advanced protection against the wear-and-tear of everyday life. The accessory also features two card slots within the interior and can double as a stand for watching videos. You can get it in Tan or Black finishes.

Buy at Olixar ($19.99)

UAG Outback Series Case

In need of some rugged protection for your Galaxy A6? Then UAG is the accessory maker to go to. Their case is super light, yet it meets military drop-test standards (MIL-STD 810G 516.6 certified).

The Outback series also benefits from a special traction pattern on the outside, to improve grip. It’s made of impact resistant rubber and you can get it in Black.

Buy at UAG ($24.95)

Best Galaxy A6 power banks

The Galaxy A6 ships out with a 3,000 mAh battery and that will usually last you for a full day of medium use. But what if you want to make sure your phone never runs out of juice? Well, in that case, you will need a portable power bank. Like the ones, we’ve listed below.

Anker PowerCore 10,400 mAh Portable Power Bank

The PowerCore 10400 is compact in size and will be able to charge your phone over three times. With Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies embedded, users will be able to get a quicker, safer charge up to 2.4 amps per port or 3 amps overall. Input is 5V/2A.

Buy at Anker ($29.99)

Anker PowerCore+ mini 3350

Need a power bank that’s even more portable? One you can easily slip into your coat? Then the PowerCore+ mini 3350 by Anker might be what you’re looking for. The tiny charger features a compact lipstick tube design and takes advantage of PowerIQ amp-adjustment technology that identifies your device to deliver the fastest possible charge. The accessory outputs and inputs 5V/1A. Available in multiple colors including Blue and Pink.

Buy at Anker ($23.99)

Best earphones for the Galaxy A6

SoundMAGIC E10 In-Ear headphones

The SoundMAGIC in-ear headphones are the perfect companion for your Galaxy A6. They are affordable but boast a modern metal design and stunning premium finish. The audio accessories promise to deliver clear sound, powerful bass and a lot of details.

The headphones also have noise isolation. They come with a free carry box and different earpieces for a comfortable and adjustable experience.

Buy on Amazon ($32.81)

Panasonic Wireless Ergo-Fit Bluetooth earphones

How about a pair of wireless headphones for your Galaxy A6? Well, these audio accessories offered by Panasonic aren’t exactly true wireless since the two buds are connected with a wire, but they still forgo the wire that connects to the phone.

Instead, the earbuds will connect to your Galaxy A6 via Bluetooth to deliver high-quality audio. The accessory embeds a battery that should offer a playback time estimated at around 4 hours and 20 minutes. It takes them 90 minutes to recharge.

Buy on Amazon ($51.18)

Aukey EP-B18 Wireless Headphones

If you prefer over-the-ear headphones, Aukey might have a pair of wireless audio accessories you might like. The pair benefits from Advanced Audio Distribution Profile which allows for high bandwidth wireless audio transmission from your phone with excellent quality. The EP-B18 also feature integrated touch controls, so users can simply touch their headphones to answer a call or raise the volume. The product supports up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Buy on Amazon India (INR 6,635)

Best car mounts for the Galaxy A6

Official Samsung Vehicle Dock

This car dock is built by Samsung for its slew of Galaxy phones which includes the A6. The product features an adjustable holder and a ball joint, so you can arrange your phone in multiple positions and angles. It also features a secure windscreen mount mechanism, for those who want to attach the dock to the car’s windscreen.

Buy on Amazon ($27.49)

Olixar inVent Smartphone Car Holder

In your car a lot? Then you might need to invest in a smartphone holder like the one offered by Olixar. It easily attaches in your vehicle air vent to keep your phone in clear view. It can also act as a stand, so you can relax and watch a video while you’re waiting to pick your kids up from school.

Buy on eBay ($16.91)

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Ringke Magnetic Gear Car Mount Holder

Ringke offers a car mount which does not attach to the air vent. Instead, you can place it anywhere in the care you like. Armed with a fun “gear shift” design, the accessory comes with two magnetic plates and a compact design. The plates produce a powerful and secure magnetic attraction that will hold your Galaxy A6 security in place.

Buy at Ringke ($12.99)

Other accessories for your Galaxy A6

Armor-X mount+case

Do you love to bike around or jog? Then the Armor-X case is the perfect solution to safely store your Galaxy A6 while you’re out riding or exercising. You can easily attach it to the Armor-X mount for your bike. The patented X-Mount System allows users to simply slide their phone in place on the bike mount, lock it and be ready to roll.

The case also comes with an attachable one-handed grip strap, as well as an optional hand strap, so your phone will never slip out of your hand ever again. But if despite all odds, the phone does fall, don’t worry. The case is shockproof, so your phone is still protected.

Buy at Amor-X ($24.99)

Adonit Mini 4 Precision Stylus

Would you like to be able to draw or doodle on your Galaxy A6? If the answer is yes, maybe you should be considering the Adonit Mini 4 Precision Stylus.

It boasts universal compatibility with Android devices like your Galaxy A6 and comes equipped with an ergonomic design for a natural comfortable hold. And thanks to its precision disc tip it can provide high accuracy when writing or drawing.

Buy on eBay ($22.91)

Kidgi Smartphone Desktop Charging Dock

Charge your Galaxy A6 using this stylish charging dock. Simply arrange the phone in place at a comfortable viewing angle and let it charge via the micro USB connector with a case or without a case. The dock can also double as a viewing stand for when you’re watching a movie.

Buy on eBay ($34.94)

Out of all the accessories we listed in this post, which one would be essential for your Galaxy A6? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.