Best cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

It is definitely true that good phones are getting quite cheaper, with a premium build quality and impressive hardware that can last for years at a stretch. However, it has not stopped the influx of some of the most powerful mobile devices, which cost enough to burn a hole through your wallet.

While we can argue that the Galaxy Note 9 is among the most premium of devices, it certainly comes with a premium price as well. Starting off at a whopping $999 price tag, purchasing a Galaxy Note 9 is nothing short of an investment, and just like all your investments, the smartphone deserves protection too.


Samsung itself has released a bunch of premium quality cases for its 2018 phablet, covering everything from style to protection across the price range. The Galaxy Note 9 has just been released, but that hasn’t stopped OEM brands to develop some of the coolest and effective protection cases and covers for the Galaxy Note 9.

Best official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cases

1. Clear S-View Standing Cover

Keeping things clear and shiny from the get-go, the Clear S-View Standing Cover fits perfectly with the glass and metal design of the Galaxy Note 9. The fragile glass corners of your phablet are profusely protected with this case as it wraps completely around the phone, while the curved viewing screen works in juncture with the Always-On Display feature.

→ Get the Clear S-View Standing Cover ($59.99)

2. Leather Wallet Cover

The Galaxy Note series has always been a symbol of the elite and the business-oriented users, which is why its core design is so subtle. The Leather Wallet Cover matches these qualities in terms of the premium material that is used to construct it, offering all-round protection to the front and the back, in four different enticing colors for you to choose from.

→ Get the Leather Wallet Cover ($59.99)

3. Protective Standing Cover

If you’re looking for a case that is built to last and can take a hit, Samsung offers the most robust original case for the Galaxy Note 9. Designed for a buffed up look yet clean and sharp in looks, the Protective Standing Cover comes with a built-in kickstand to help you keep the phone in horizontal mode and military-grade durable material available in Black and Silver.

→ Get the Protective Standing Cover ($39.99)

4. LED View Cover

Built with a hardened back and a soft fabric cover at the front for superior comfort, this official Galaxy Note 9 case is built for complete protection. Available in the shades of Black, Brown, Lavender Purple, and Ocean Blue, the LED View Cover displays lights on the front based on the different notifications and alerts when the front flap is closed.

→ Get the LED View Cover ($64.99)

Best Rugged Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cases

5. Incipio DualPro Protective Case

A formidable brand in the world of smartphone accessories, Incipio is jumping into the Galaxy Note 9 cases market with the DualPro Protective Case as its premium offering. Packed with a dual-layer design that includes a shock absorbing core and hardened exterior shell, the DualPro Case has been tested to survive a gnarly 10-foot drop without any hiccups.

→ Get the Incipio DUALPRO Protective Case ($29.99)

6. Olixar Raptor Case and Screen Protector

Considering that the Galaxy Note 9 has a neat and clean industrial look like its predecessors, it isn’t easily distinguishable from the older Galaxy Note 8. However, if you are looking for some all-round protection that adds some sharper edges to your phone and still gives you plenty of protection against drops, the Olixar Raptor Case with its tempered glass screen protector is the way to go.

→ Get the Olixar Raptor Case and Screen Protector ($35.83)

7. Spigen Slim Armor Case

While you may be fine with hiding the gorgeous glass back of the Galaxy Note 9 in lieu of some added protection, adding too much bulk to the sides is never desirable. The trademarked design of the Slim Armor Case comprises of a multi-layer design that not only keep your phone protected from the elements, but it also includes a nifty kickstand to improve productivity.

→ Get the Spigen Slim Armor Case ($39.99)

8. YOUMAKER Full Body Case

Purchasing a Galaxy Note 9 is nothing short of an investment, and the best way to make sure that you protect it is with a case that can survive anything you throw at it. Verified with Military Grade Protection that includes a back casing built with Thermoplastic Polyurethane, hardened Polycarbonate shell for drop protection, and a built-in shatter-proof screen protector to secure that Infinity Display.

→ Get the YOUMAKER Full Body Case ($24.99)

Best Minimalist Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cases

9. Olixar ExoShield Snap-on Case

The shining back glass panel of the Galaxy Note 9 deserves to be flaunted around in all of its glory, which is why you’d want to go for a transparent case like the Olixar ExoShield. Designed to snap right into the frame, you get tactile buttons for responsiveness, plenty of protection against dings and scratches, and a smooth look that is barely there.

→ Get the Olixar ExoShield Snap-on Case ($16.66)

10. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Slim Clear Case

While the Galaxy Note 9 comes with an IP68 dust and water resistant rating that makes it durable, the curved glass corners do make it vulnerable to cracking. To reinforce those corners with added protection, Supcase has created the Unicorn Beetle, which comes with the best of transparency, infused with a high-density TPU casing all around the bumper.

→ Get the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Slim Clear Case ($19)

11. AMPLE Galaxy Note 9 Clear Case

Among the cheapest, yet already among the popular cheap and affordable cases for the Galaxy Note 9, AMPLE brings the most basic form of protection that you could ask for. It comes with a deeply minimalist design that is nothing more than basic, with all of the ports, including the S Pen slot, cut out accurately that makes you forget that you even have a protective case on there.

→ Get the AMPLE Galaxy Note 9 Clear Case ($5.99)

12. Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

Spigen may be generally known for its offering of more vibrant and rugged smartphone cases, but the Hybrid S lineup is more on the minimalist side. Built with a clear TPU material that safeguards the phone from all sides, the additional tweak of a robust kickstand on the rear makes it ideal for the times when you want to place the Galaxy Note 9 horizontally.

→ Get the Spigen Ultra Hybrid S ($29.99)

Wait…there’s more!

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has just been released and is still in the pre-order phase, the sheer popularity of the device has forced OEM accessory brands to create some of the best Galaxy Note 9 cases. However, in the coming weeks, there will be a bunch of new ones released, and we’ll be sure to update you when they do.

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