Best leather cases for OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T leather cases

The OnePlus 6T is the latest drool-worthy flagship to go official this autumn. It’s a pretty excellent device, some would even say the best OnePlus has created so far.

It comes with a 6.41-inch AMOLED display with an interesting-looking notch, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and a large 3,700 mAh battery. And to top it all, the company has managed to keep prices affordable – under $550.

But like all glassy smartphones, the OnePlus 6T is also prone to damage if they are not properly handled. So buying a case to protect the new and shiny gadget would be a good idea.

Since the OnePlus 6T is quite sleek, you could opt for a leather case, because this premium material is guaranteed to make your handset look even more elegant than it already is.

So if you’re looking for a solid leather case, we’ve got a few choices for you to pick from. Check them out below.

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Official OnePlus 6T Flip Case

OnePlus has done a good job at supporting its devices with an excellent range of accessories so far. And the company continues to do so with the OnePlus 6T too. Made of PU leather, the Flip Case is extremely smooth to the touch, but also super durable.

The product features an interior card slot, so it can double as your wallet too. What’s more, the Flip Case can perform a nifty little trick. With Face Unlock, you can unlock the device simply by flipping over the case. But once you’re done using the 6T, you can simply close the cover and the phone will go to sleep.

Buy at OnePlus ($20.95)

Olixar Leather Wallet Stand Case

A classical leather case from Olixar for your OnePlus 6T. The exterior is made of sturdy leather, while on the inside there is a strong and robust plastic frame that keeps the phone in place and safe against occasional accidents.

The product features two card slots for storing IDs, cash and credit cards. Naturally, this wallet case also acts as a stand, so you can place the phone horizontally when you’re watching a video.

Buy at Mobile Fun ($10.99)

OnePlus 6T comparison:

Olixar Farely Executive Wallet

Check out this premium leather wallet case for the OnePlus 6T that looks super unique and will give your phone a very stylish appearance. It’s crafted from smooth faux leather that just wraps around the handset beautifully.

Farely makes use of a form-fitting frame to make sure no harm ever comes to your phone. The accessory also acts as a wallet thanks to the embedded RFID protected exterior card slot.

Buy at Mobile Fun ($21.99)

Krusell Sunne 2 Leather Case Wallet

Produced by Scandinavian accessory maker, Krusell, this case is inspired by the Norse minimalist design aesthetics. Crafted from genuine leather, this luxurious wallet case is very soft to the touch. But thanks to the integrated protective lining that cushions the phone, the case also does a great job at keeping your phone in perfect condition. And like most wallet cases out there, The Krusell Sunne 2 has two card pockets and can also act as a stand.

Buy at Mobile Fun ($37.49)

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Krusell Sunne Vintage Nude Case

Another beautiful genuine leather case from Krusell, this time offering in Nude option. It’s not a wallet case, but a standard case option that covers only the back of the device. The products integrates soft, integrated lining which is meant to cushion the OnePlus 6T in case of unwanted accidents.

Buy at Mobile Fun ($32.49)

REAL-EAGLE Wallet Leather Case

Up next, we have another stylish leather case for REAL-EAGLE. Made of PU Leather, the product can offer all the protection you need against the elements. Say goodbye to scratches, grease marks or dust! The case also comes with two interior slots. Comes in Black, Khaki and Brown.

Buy at Amazon ($14.99)

Slickwraps Leather Series

Slickwraps is the place to go if you want high-quality cases with a unique look. While the OnePlus 6T is a very sleek device in itself, the Leather Series can make your phone even more so.

The cases offered boast 3M Di-Noc Leather texture and depth and are crafted to protect from minor scratches and drops. Customers have four options to pick from including Black Alligator Leather, Black Leather, Brown Leather and White Alligator Leather. Pick your favorite.

Buy at Slickwraps ($18.99)

Dux Ducis Leather Wallet Case

This leather wallet case by Dux Ducis has a premium PU leather cover with an interesting texture and a TPU silcione case for advanced protection. Since it’s a wallet case, you also get a slot for storing cash, IDs and such. The product also doubles as a stand for when you need to watch a video. Comes in Black, Rose Gold or  Blue.

Buy at Amazon ($7.95)

OnePlus 6T tips:

Luxury Flip Leather Case (cheap, unbranded)

Don’t have the budget for a premium wallet case? No worries, you can find some very decent ones on eBay. Like this particular case which is made of stylish leather and perfectly molds on the beautiful curves of your OnePlus 6T. It rated dust and grime-proof, as well as scratch-resistant. Lightweight and very slim, the case is the perfect companion for your sleek new device. You can order it in Black, Coffee, Brown or Red. Oh, and it also includes a card slot and can act as a stand too.

Buy at eBay ($6.55)

Mofi Leather Case

A very sleek case for your OnePlus 6T which is sold on eBay. It’s made of a combination of PC, TPU and leather to offer tough protection at every side. It’s pretty thin and light, so it won’t unnecessary bulk to your device. You can grab it in various colors including Dark Brown, Black or Red.

Buy at eBay ($6.45)

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to leather cases for the OnePlus 6T. So of all the cases in this list, which one would you like to try?