Best Google Pixel 3a XL screen protectors and tempered glass in may 2019

Pixel 3a XL best screen protectors

The Google Pixel 3a XL’s 6-inch OLED display provides stunning colors and fantastic viewing angles on the phone. The right tempered glass can protect this experience without interfering in your interaction with your phone’s screen. Yes, it plays a crucial role and putting in some research is a good idea.

The list below contains our top choices of accessories to protect the display of Pixel 3a XL, but if you have the non-XL smaller variant, check here → best Pixel 3a screen protectors.


Best Pixel 3a XL screen protectors

Here a list of the best screen protectors currently available for the Pixel 3a XL.

ESR Tempered Glass – 2 Pack

Case friendly strength

We like that the ESR Tempered Glass has been designed with edge space to avoid friction with the case. It can also withstand up to 11lb of force to protect your screen from a possible apocalypse. ESR is also one of the best for screen protectors so you can trust their quality.

Buy on Amazon: $13.99 | Buy on ESR: $13.99

LK Screen Protector – 3 Pack

The second skin 3-pack

We like how LK sells a 3 pack instead of the usual 2. Three pack users know how it works. One glass is for trial, the second one goes on successfully and the third one remains as a backup. Also, if the hammer on the cover image has not sold you on the strength of glass, then the fact that it has 9H hardness should.

Buy on Amazon: $8.99

AVIDET Screen Protector – 2 Pack

A layer of Ultra-thin 

At 0.3 mm this is one of the most understated screen protectors for the Google Pixel 3a XL. AVIDET’s screen protector is easy to apply and you won’t face as many problems as you’d expect. In any case, try to get it right in two attempts.

Buy on Amazon: $6.99

Pulen Screen Protector – 3 Pack

The basic all-rounder

PULEN ticks all the right boxes. It’s thin, repels dirt and has a 9H hardness to keep your Pixel 3a XL screen safe, beautiful and vibrant for a very long time to come. The 2.5D round edges also ensure a good hand feel when you hold your device.

Buy on Amazon: $7.99

Skinomi MatteSkin Screen Protector – 2 Pack

The Matte Master

We love how Skinomi manages to ensure the most thorough protection combined with comfortable user experience. They’ve infused the glass with Matte/Anti-glare Infused material reduce glare and improve visibility in the sun. MatteSkin is also resistant to scratches, punctures, UV light, smudges, and fingerprints to ensure that your Google Pixel 3a XL’s screen remains smooth.

Buy on Amazon: $7.85

InvisibleShield Glass Elite

Elite Protection

InvisibleShield claims that the Glass Elite offers great impact and scratch protection. It delivers 3x shatter resistance while keeping your device feeling silky and smooth. It also has a new fingerprint and smudge resistant coating which makes fingerprints disappear. We believe them, especially considering the price and seller.

Buy on Google store: 

IVSO Screen Protector

A good canvas

This screen protector has been treated with anti-static treatment to make it dust-proof. Also, each overlay has been custom designed to fit, protect and enhance the performance of your Google Pixel 3a XL screen. We think it’s a great budget choice as a screen protector.

Buy on Amazon: $6.50

ESR Mimic Tempered Glass Case

The right combination

We like how this tempered glass case offers a hybrid structure of 9H tempered glass & a flexible TPU frame to give comprehensive protection. It also ensures a comfortable grip along with the ability to protect your phone from everyday wear and tear. 

The glass back is shock-resistant, which will protect your phone from drops and other impacts very effectively. If you’re looking for something unique, this one’s it. 

Buy on Amazon: $18.99 | Buy on ESR: $18.99

The screen protectors from Skinomi and LK are our personal favorites for the Pixel 3a. Let us know which ones you liked in the comment!