Best Clear cases for Google Pixel 3a XL

Case shopping for your Google Pixel 3a XL can be a tedious task. Especially with so many options to overwhelm you. Fortunately, shopping for a case is not as difficult as choosing your next long term smartphone. If the Pixel 3a XL is your next phone, then great! You’ve chosen wisely.

If you are still wondering about getting the Pixel 3a XL, check out its vendors and what they have to offer here: Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, and Google store.


The best Google Pixel 3a XL Clear Cases

A case is one of the most essential accessories you need to buy for your device.

Clear cases are ideal if you want a minimalistic case that does not take away from the aesthetics of the phone. Here’s a list of the best clear cases available for the Pixel 3a XL.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

At 0.12 inches, the Spigen Liquid Crystal case is slim and light.  This case is also equipped with Air Cushion Technology to ensure that every corner of the phone remains shock-absorbent. It also has raised edges and reinforced buttons to ensure added protection and responsiveness. The case is also branding free and transparent to compliment the genuine look of the pixel 3a XL.

Buy on Spigen: $19.99 | Buy on Amazon: $11.99

Totallee Thin Case

The Totallee Thin Case delivers a clear look thanks to its high-quality, durable and soft TPU. It also features microdots that prevent the case from having unwanted watermarks that clear cases are notorious for. Totallee’s case is only 0.03 inches thin keeping the Pixel 3a XL light. This case is great for everyday protection against scratches and bumps.

Buy on Amazon: $18.99 | Buy on Totallee: $29

ESR Metal Kickstand Case

The built-in metal stand at the back of the ESR Metal Kickstand Case can be adjusted up to 60 degrees. This cool stand feature also lets you choose the angle which is best for you. The case is raised to protect the camera from being scratched.  It’s also made from flexible TPU to provide maximum protection from sudden drops and impact.

Buy on Amazon: $18.99 | Buy on ESR: $18.99


TopACE Rubber Gel Case

This clear case has a full body protective design to keep your Google pixel 3a XL safe. It has precise cutouts for buttons, ports, and the camera to ensure a perfect fit as well.

The TopACE Rubber Gel case is specially made from Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane to provide a good grip for the user. This case is also shock resistant, protecting your phone from heavy drops and everyday wear-and-tear.

Buy on Amazon: $7.99

ESR Mimic Tempered Glass Case

A unique combination of 9H tempered glass & a flexible TPU frame enables the ESR Mimic Tempered Glass case to function as a screen protector and phone case for your Google Pixel 3a. It has a comfortable grip along with the ability to protect your phone from everyday wear and tear. 

Notably, the glass back is shock-resistant, which ensures protection for your entire phone from drops and other impacts very effectively. 

Buy on Amazon: $18.99 | Buy on ESR: $18.99

AVIDET Anti-Scratch Clear Case 

The AVIDET Anti-Scratch clear case is made with high-quality strong Polycarbonate and soft TPU material. Its strong PC backplate can withstand all kinds of shocks, scratches, and abrasions to keep your Google Pixel 3a XL from any harm. Also, the four corners of this case have implemented special airbags to absorb impact from as far as 1.2 meters.

Buy on Amazon: $8.88 

ESR Essential Zero Case

At 1mm thickness, the ESR Essential Zero case is one of the slimmest cases available in the market. It is also made from yellowing-resistant TPU to retain your Pixel 3a XL’s original color. The case is raised to protect the camera and screen edges from being scratched. The case also comes with flexible air guarded corners to absorb shock and other drop impacts. It also has a microdot pattern to avoid any watermark, making this case a great choice for long term use.

Buy on Amazon: $11.99 | Buy on ESR: $11.99

Cimo Slim Grip Clear Case

Cimo offers a clear case made of flexible TPU which will keep your Pixel 3a XL safe from shocks and drops. This case also comes with raised bezels to protect the screen and camera from surface contact.

Buy on Amazon: $7.98

MoKo Slim Anti-Scratch Case

The reinforced corners and raised edges of this case do a fairly good job of protecting the case from drops and impact. Its precise cutouts ensure easy access to ports, camera, and speaker. This case also has a strong PC backplate with soft TPU bumper edges to provide protection from daily wear-and-tear.

Buy on Amazon: $8.99