Android 8.1 brings auto dim nav bar icons to Pixel and Nexus devices


Yesterday, Google released the first developer preview of Android 8.1 Oreo for developers. The update is actually called 8.1.0 and comes with a slew of changes and improvements. Although the changes aren’t big, they are there.

We’ve already told you all the new features that are present in the Android 8.1 developer preview, and now we’d like to talk about one of those features in detail. Those who have installed the developer preview, may have noticed some changes to the Navigation bar and buttons.

The Navigation bar has received a useful change in the way the navigation bar behaves when it is not being used. There’s a new auto-dim feature that automatically lowers the opacity of the navigation bar icons and this works throughout the system. As seen in the screenshot above, you can see how the background blends in with the other colors on the screen. Also, the nav bar icons automatically dim out in about 3-4 seconds.

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The Android 8.1 developer preview is currently only supported on the Pixel devices, the Nexus 5X, and the Nexus 6P. If you own one of these devices, you can download the update and try out the new features for yourself.

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