Android 7.1 will come as build NDE63H on Pixel XL [NAE63O spotted!]

Update [October 05, 2016]: With the release of Google Pixel sets, we got to spot a new build in action — currently plying its trade on the Pixel units at the show for some hands-on time with the press — and its build no. NAE63O. We don’t think we would see it arrive in real world, mostly because an even newer build (still on 7.0 though) is already out on the form of NBD90X update for Nexus 6P and like devices. NAE63O should remain as a test build only at Google. So, the NDE63H is still on, and we think the enw Pixels ets will launch with that only. We hope to provide you NDE63H downloads soon.

The upcoming Google Pixel XL device has been spotted at the html5 performance testing site, appropriately called, and the listing shows the device running Android 7.1 OS, build being NDE63H.

We already knew that the Pixel devices — Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL — will be launching with Android 7.1, with Android 7.0 update already out for the Nexus device of yesteryear. Currently, we’re seeing AOSP and CM14 ROMs being cooked by developers around the world, based on Android 7.0.

Google is looking to add extra customization of its own over and above what stock Android offers in the new Pixel phones line, which has replaced the long favorite of ours, the Nexus series.

With tests undergoing for the Pixel XL, we can be sure that the device has reached the testing stage, and the same goes for the Android 7.1 too. Both the Android 7.1 and Google Pixel devices should release next month, by around October 24, which is around one month from today (September 19, 2016).

And BTW, the Android 7.1 toting Pixel XL is scoring 477 points out of total 555, but our Nexus 6P on Android 7.0 overtakes it with its own score of 483, while my PC scores 492 points. One would guess the Pixel XL would outdo Nexus 6P, but this really doesn’t matter as benchmarks aren’t everything.

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