Android 4.2 Update rolling out for Galaxy Nexus already!

If this isn’t a great reason to stop buying non-Nexus devices, then I don’t know what is (though better advertising by Google wouldn’t go amiss either). Some users are reporting that the Android 4.2 update is already appearing on their Galaxy Nexus, on the exact same day as the launch of Android 4.2 and the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, the Android 4.2 flagship phone and tablet (which are up for ordering in Australia).

The update carries the build number JOP40C, and apart from stability and performance improvements, it also brings the anticipated Android 4.2 goodies, such as the Photo Sphere 360 degree panorama mode in the camera, Gesture Typing-enabled keyboard, improved Google Now with new info cards, and “many more features and improvements”.

We should see the update start rolling out everywhere pretty soon, though the US Play Store variant will be the first to complete the rollout. Of course, the update should be soon available for manually installing thanks to the Android development community as well, so those outside the US don’t have to wait too long.

We love you Google, keep those fast and quick updates coming!