Android 4.2 and LG Nexus 4 to be announced on October 29 Android event by Google?

Google sure knows how to keep the suspense going. With various rumours, leaks and speculation around the next version of its OS- Android 4.2, the next Nexus Phone -possibly what is being called the LG Nexus 4, and the 32GB version of the Nexus 7 tablet, Google has been extremely tight lipped about the entire affair, and has chosen to neither deny or comment on the rumours.

Earlier today, Google has sent out a rather cryptic invitation to the press and media, for an event that it would be hosting on October 29th, which is just a week away, in New York. As you can see from a screenshot of the invite, the only clues that Google is giving out are that the event involves Android. The tagline “The playground is open” could mean anything – from something to do with Google’s Play Store- formerly called the Android Market, or an indirect reference to new products being launched by Apple (iPad mini) and Microsoft (Windows Phone 8) at around the same time. In fact, coincidentally, Microsoft is also holding its Windows Phone 8 launch on the ssame day, although at a different location.

Our experience with Google announcements in recent times, tells us that in all likelihood, we would be seeing the unveiling of the next Nexus Phone- supposedly the LG Nexus, and the official introduction to Android 4.2. The event will most probably also include updates on the Nexus 7 32GB tablet, as Google would want to put all the rumours and speculation to rest before Santa lands in town. For those who haven’t been luck enough to get an invite, rest easy, you won’t be missing out on any of the action, as Google would be streaming the event live on Youtube.

So gear up for next week, to find out what Google is planning to get to the open playground.