How to Become the Imposter in Among Us?

Among Us has gained quite a huge popularity during the pandemic due to its mobile platform compatibility, support for up to 10 players, and the ability to host couch multiplayer matches as well. The game offers a unique style of gameplay with active participation from each player which frankly yields hilarious moments. If you have recently started playing Among Us then you know that becoming the imposter is quite rare no matter how good you are at the game. But is there in a full proof way to become the imposter in Among Us? Let’s find out.

How is the imposter determined in Among Us?

The majority of players in a match in Among Us are crew members. Only one person or on rare occasions, a few people are the imposters. These imposters are tasked with the mission to sabotage the existing crew and kill of members without getting caught. When somebody becomes an imposter, mainly two variables are at play. The number of imposters allowed by the host and the random algorithm used to determine the imposter.

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The number of imposters during a match can be changed by the host. This means that there can be a maximum of 3 imposters during a match. Though this is rare in public rooms and only custom rooms are known to apply such rules.

The second factor is the random formula in Among Us that determines each players’ chances of becoming an imposter during any particular match. The formula is as follows

Your chances of becoming an imposter = (100 * N) /Y

  • N = The Total Number of Imposters in a Match (determined by the host)
  • Y = The Total Number of Players in a Match

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How to become the imposter in Among Us?

As you might’ve guessed through the above-mentioned process, there is no real way to ensure that you will become the imposter. Becoming the imposter completely depends on the algorithm deployed by Among Us and it helps ensure a fair playing field for everyone involved in the game. If you could choose to be the imposter then the game would lose its charm and everybody would be inclined to choose the imposter only.

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Special Abilities for imposters in Among Us

Compared to crewmates, imposters in Among Us are given special abilities that helps them achieve special tasks, like faking their presence on the ship, using vents, and much more. Let’s take a look at all the special abilities that you get when you become the imposter in Among Us.

  • Kill Crewmates
  • Sabotage Tasks
  • Use Vents
  • Use different equipment in the map
  • Report players
  • Act as the admin (get the location of other players)
  • Security (get information on other players)
  • Access to door logs

We hope this guide helped you realize how Among Us determines who becomes the imposter. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.


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