7 cool Zoom Baby Shower games and ideas

Just because you can’t meet up, doesn’t mean you can’t throw a killer baby shower. Use a video conferencing app like Zoom which has functions like ‘Screen share‘ and ‘Whiteboard‘ and can gather up to 100 participants virtually in the free plan itself. Gather the girls and throw the new mom to be a fun and interactive virtual baby shower with these baby shower games!

Guess the baby

This fun game has players trying to guess who the baby is in the picture! Get out some embarrassing baby pictures and have a laugh together. All players must send in an image of themselves as a baby to the host. The host, using either Zoom screen share or simply holding up her phone, shows an image to the group. The group then tries to guess who the baby is. The person who it is must of course remain quiet so as to not give away the game. Who can guess the most number of babies?

Newly Mom’d game

Similar to the Newlywed Game, this game has the new mom in focus. Have the host ask all the players questions about the new mom, and see who knows her the best! You can make up your own questions before the game and keep them ready. Start with some easy ones, like her full name, birthdate; and then get really specific like her favorite flavor of yogurt! Who knows the new mom the best out of everyone? Keep score and award the winner at the end!

Design the diaper

Bring out the artists in your players to see who can design the best diaper! The twist is, the diaper has to be designed on the PC (using the mouse). Have all the players open a simple drawing application like ‘Paint’ on their desktop. Set a timer and let the creativity flow. You could offer them a basic diaper template to draw on. Once the timer is up, each player must share their screen, and the new mom chooses the best design. Don’t forget to save the hilarious drawings and send them to the new mom as a keepsake.

Baby trivia

This trivia game will test everyone’s baby knowledge. The host asks the players a bunch of questions related to baby care to see who knows the most! This list of baby questions has a fun interactive element to it. Using Zoom screen share, the host must share the webpage for everyone to see. The host can then direct questions to each player individually. Select the decided upon answer, from among the multiple choices to find out if they were right or wrong. The site also gives you information about the questions, so there’s lots of learning going on!

Celebrity baby names

Ok, celebrities have gone an interesting way while naming their babies (X Æ A-12, much?). So why not have some fun with it! Write out a list of baby names and their matching parents next to it. The host then reads out the baby’s name. The first player to guess any one of the parents wins a point! Make sure to include some obscure names to make the game even tougher!

Baby Pool

Since a baby shower is usually thrown before the baby is born, this is a fun way to try and guess how the baby will be. Create a basic template and include questions about the baby like when will the baby be born, how much will it weigh, etc. Send this template to everyone, and have them fill it up and send it back. The results of the game obviously cannot be given out immediately, but it will be fun to see who was the closest! Make sure you save these for the to-be mom to corroborate!

Online baby scrabble

This fun game uses Zoom’s Whiteboard function to create a canvas that all the players can edit. Allot each player a color that they must use while filling in the words. Like Scrabble, each player must take a turn and fill in a word that is related to babies. The word must share a letter with any word that already exists on the board. Use the textbox in Whiteboard to make your canvas a little neater!

We hope you have a fun baby shower! Do you have a favorite baby shower game? Let us know in the comments below.