YouTube picture-in-picture on web now rolling out to more users

A few months ago, the website 9to5Google was the first to report that YouTube was testing a new feature which allowed a video to continue playing at the bottom right of the screen, while users clicked elsewhere on YouTube. The options has been so far available in the mobile version of the app.

In the web version, the minimized player also included controls for play/pause, repeat and watch next, as well as a button to access playlists. The screenshots showed the name of the video and channels were also displayed.

There has been speculation that the feature might be limited to YouTube Red subscribers because it first appeared on a YouTube Red account. Well thankfully, we can tell you that’s not the case.


It now appears that YouTube has finally started the rollout of the feature, as more and more users have been sending in reports saying they are currently able to view picture-in-picture mode in YouTube web. However, Google is yet to make an official announcement.

It’s quite common for YouTube to experiment with new features on a smaller scale, before rolling them out to a wider audience. For example, YouTube tested its dark theme for mobile for a while, before launching it publicly a few months ago.

Source: Android Police