YouTube Albums hinted in v13.02 [APK Teardown]

youtube 13.02 apk teardown

Google is now rolling out a small update to its YouTube app, the new version being 13.02 — an upgrade over the 13.01 version which revealed quite a few features like dark mode and incognito mode the last time we looked into the app.

Here we are, with a new APK teardown of the latest version 13.02 of the YouTube app, which reveals one very interesting feature. See below.

About APK Teardown…

Well, a teardown is based on the code we find buried within an APK of an app, which we look upon to speculate features that may or may not become official in future. So, do not take these features to become available for granted, as this is merely a rumor, although based off something official.

Okay, let’s see what we’ve got here.

YouTube Albums

It looks like YouTube Android app may have a new section called ‘Albums.’ A new line of code is present in YouTube 13.02 called ‘album_fragment_header_title’, where the mention of fragment header points to this being a new section in the app, like offline videos, whose code is ‘<string name=”offline_fragment_title”>Offline</string>’. On the related note, the accessibility code has been updated with the Album related stuff, too, as can be seen in the strings below.


<string name=”album_fragment_header_title”>Albums</string>
<string name=”album_fragment_back_button_accessibility”>Back</string>
<string name=”accessibility_add_attachment”>Attach video</string>
<string name=”accessibility_attachment_thumbnail”>Attached video</string>
<string name=”reel_accessibility_album_button”>Album</string>

More on Incognito mode

In our last APK teardown of YouTube app, v13.01, we told you about the incognito mode being in the works. It looks there is one more line of code added specifically for that feature, about app turning the incognito mode off because of inactivity.

<string name=”incognito_auto_terminated”>Incognito has been turned off due to inactivity</string>

Camera related errors

It’s pretty simple, just look at the code and their values. If you are runing out of storage while recording, the app might soon give you an error for that (1st line in the code below).

<string name=”camera_out_of_space”>Out of storage space on this device</string>
<string name=”camera_can_not_record”>“Can’t record video”</string>
<string name=”camera_not_found”>The camera on your phone has been disabled.</string>

Other small changes

We might see ‘Say something…’ as the default greyed-out text in the comment box.

<string name=”chat_reply_box_hint”>Say something…</string>

The credits would be separated by a ‘ • ‘ character.

<string name=”slim_metadata_channel_credits_divider_symbol_with_spaces”>” • “</string>

That would be it. Thoughts?

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