APK Teardown

Google Duo knock knock

Google Duo 32.0 reveals bokeh effect, export, and other features

YouTube video download recommendation feature

YouTube v13.14 hints at Video download recommendations feature, and more

Google Play Movies & TV v4.3.5 brings adds support for streaming services [APK Teardown]

google duo v30 apk teradown

Google Duo Groups feature coming soon, code revealed in v30 [APK Teardown]

Gmail 8.2.25

Gmail Android app might get Nudge AI feature that would bring emails to your attention

chrome 64 apk teardown

Chrome v64 hints as passwords export, brings white nav bar [APK Teardown]

gboard go apk download

Gboard Go 6.9 hints at Bitmoji release and ‘smart replies to notifications’ [APK download and teardown]

google play books v3.16 apk teardown

Google Play Books v3.16 adds support for Google Cast and Audiobooks [APK Teardown]

google allo apk teardown v26

Google Allo v26 adds Shocked breaking news effect and Sender ID [APK Teardown]

gmail 8.1 apk teardown

Gmail v8.1 prepares for conversation snooze and re-snooze feature [APK teardown]

Google app update

Google app 7.18.42 hints at Google Lens images donation, dangerous activity warning, and more [APK Teardown]

google photos 3.11 apk teardown

Google Photos v3.11 reveals Suggested Actions for Archive, and a new Backup Promo Banner [APK Teardown]