Getting ‘You are not eligible’ error in Houseparty? Here’s why and how to avoid it

In this day and age of the pandemic, users around the world have taken up Houseparty to help them catch up with their friends as well as play games together. The service offers seamless compatibility with all devices and even comes with mobile apps which enables you to not miss a challenge even when you are on the go.

Lately, many users have faced issues on the app and often many of them encounter an error stating ‘You’re not eligible’. If you are someone who is facing these issues and is wondering the reasons for it, then we have the perfect list for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons that can make you ineligible to use Houseparty.

You’re underage


Houseparty has a minimum age limit of 13 years. Any user below the age of 13 is not allowed to use the app. If you are under the age of 13 and are trying to use Houseparty then chances are that this is the reason you are facing these issues.

This is mainly due to Houseparty’s content policy under which they do not collect the data of users who are under the age of 13. If you lied about your age on Houseparty then the service will eventually find out and ban your account as well. You could try using other remote collaboration apps with your students if you are under the age of 13.

Impersonating someone

If you have been impersonating someone or are using the display picture of someone else as your own then you won’t be eligible to use Houseparty. Using a different name also qualifies as impersonating someone which will get you banned on Houseparty.

You might not get instantly banned, but if you are seeing a ‘You’re not eligible’ message on your Houseparty account then chances are that it was due to your different name or a different profile picture. You can try contacting Houseparty support to solve this issue.

Copyright infringement

Using copyrighted images, texts, or videos on Houseparty can also get you banned. Using Houseparty to pirate copyrighted videos or music can also be an infringement which can lead to the ban on your account.

Using a copyrighted picture can also result in a ban as well as violating Houseparty’s copyright terms themselves. Ensure that you use original content and do not use Houseparty for piracy in order to ensure that you are able to use your account without any hiccups in the future.

Threats to other players

Being a threat to others on Houseparty can result in a ban as well which will cause your account to display an error message saying that ‘You’re not eligible’. Make sure you use proper language and are civil to other players. Using threats and other forms of intimidation can cause people to get flagged by Houseparty which will ultimately result in a ban.

Most players get banned but some are issued a warning before the ban actually takes place. If you are someone who has received a warning, make sure to follow all the community guidelines, and be civil with other players to ensure that you are able to retain your account.

Obscene content posted

Posting obscene or pornographic content on Houseparty will also result in your account getting banned which will give you the error message ‘You’re not eligible’. Ensure that you adhere to Houseparty’s content and community guidelines in order to avoid such an issue.

Houseparty is an app used by users of all ages, even younger ones so posting or using obscene content during games is not allowed by the app to keep things civil. If you used obscene content in your previous games then chances are that this is the reason you are getting the ‘You’re not eligible’ error message.

Illegal activities

Using Houseparty meetings and games as a means to do illegal business or to conduct illegal activities can also result in an account ban. Ensure that all your conversations and activities are within the legal limits of your jurisdiction to avoid such a ban.

Illegal activities can not only get your account banned on Houseparty but will also be reported to the authorities. This will result in legal actions against you so you should definitely avoid such behavior and activities.

Abusive language

If you have been using abusive language against players in Houseparty then chances are that you were reported to Houseparty which has resulted in your account getting banned. Using abusive and obscene language over your Houseparty games is against the guidelines and community policies of Houseparty.

The company is known to enforce this strongly and any user reported for using abusive language on Houseparty is instantly banned upon review. If you are getting the ‘You’re not eligible’ error message then chances are it is due to your use of abusive language in the previous game.


If you have been using Houseparty as a way to send out spam to other people then you can also get the ‘You’re not eligible error message’. Sending out spam, advertising, and soliciting on Houseparty is against the community guidelines and any user that is reported for doing so is immediately banned by the service.

Make sure you keep your advertisements and spam to services that allow it in order to ensure that you do not get banned from Houseparty.

Suspicious activity

Using hacks to get an advantage over others in Houseparty can also result in a permanent ban from the service. This service will be tied to your device which will ensure that even a new account does not allow you to access Houseparty on the same device again.

Hacking a service is against the law and depending on your country and state jurisdiction, it can also result in legal action against you. A ban due to the result of hacking Houseparty will also end up showing the error message ‘You’re not eligible’.

We hope this guide helped you find the reason which is causing the ‘You’re not eligible’ error in Houseparty. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.

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