Instagram 24 Names 24 Motives challenge: What is it and how do you take part

With the world stuck at home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, you might have stumbled upon a few games and challenges on the internet. While many of you commit yourselves to play board games or the ones with trivia, some might just want to occupy their time doing silly little challenges and sharing the same with others on social media.

One such challenge that has been making the rounds on Instagram is the “24 Names 24 Motives” challenge. In this post, we’ll discuss what the “24 Names 24 Motives” challenge is all about, how do you play it, and the list of questions that you need to answer to complete it.

What is the “24 Names 24 Motives” Instagram challenge

The premise for the “24 Names 24 Motives” challenge is simple. You are posting a list of 24 names on your Instagram story, that will be direct answers to the 24 questions that are already predefined.

Since the number before each name represents a question, it gives you a motive behind why you put them in that specific position on the list, thus the name 24 Names 24 Motives.

The fun thing about this is that you’re not explaining why you put those names on your story and you can only explain it to them if they promise to take part in this challenge and create a list of their own.

How do you play it

The way the “24 Names 24 Motives” challenge works is that if you see a post with 24 names listed on them, you can go ahead and ask the person who uploaded the story to share the questions.

The obligation to this is that you’re only supposed to “ask if you’re going to do it”. Once you get the questions from the person, you can proceed to create a story of your own by naming or tagging the people to their relevant numbers.

How do you create a template for 24 Names 24 Motives

If you’ve decided to take part in the “24 Names 24 Motives” challenge, then you can take it to the next level by using templates that you can edit over on your Instagram story.

One way to do so is by heading over to the 24 Names 24 Motives Template, selecting Make it, and creating a custom template by choosing your own background color or image and different styles for the numbers and then saving the template image on your phone.

Additionally, you customize the aspect ratio, font, heading, padding, and size to give your image a unique look than the rest of your friends and followers. Here are a few templates that we made using the tool mentioned above.

You can save them and use are templates when uploading your own 24 Names 24 Motives challenge to your Instagram Story.

What does each of those numbers stand for

If you’ve been nominated in any of your friends’ 24 motives 24 names challenge and you accept it, you will get a list 24 questions for which you need to name or tag the people.

If you’re someone who wants to start the challenge among your friends or if you’re curious about what these questions are without really asking for them, then here is a list of questions, according to Reddit user Peach-Bleach:

  1. The last person you talked to
  2. An online friend
  3. Crush/Boyfriend/girlfriend
  4. First crush
  5. The last person you hugged
  6. Best guy friend
  7. A male friend
  8. A person who always makes you laugh
  9. A person you never thought you would make friends with
  10. A female friend
  11. The best person you got to know this year
  12. Best girlfriend
  13. The person you trust the most
  14. The last person you said “I love you” to
  15. Someone you miss
  16. Someone you hate
  17. Best teacher
  18. Last person you kissed
  19. An important person for you
  20. The person who hurts you
  21. Best cousin
  22. An ex
  23. Last person you paid lunch for
  24. Would you date the person who sent you this?

Are you excited about the 24 motives 24 games challenge and would you play it? If there’s any other challenge you want to know about, ping us down at the comments section. 

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