Xperia Arc Priced at $599. Shipping from August 2.

It’s official now — Sony Ericsson just issued a press release announcing the launch of its flagship device — well, until the Xperia Duo drops by — Xperia Arc in U.S. Price is set at $599 and it’s shipping from August 2, which is nearly upon us. There is no hassle with the carrier(s) for this phone since it comes unlocked, you can purchase the Xperia Arc outright from not only the Sony stores, but also from Amazon, Newegg and Now, whether this makes up for the lower with-contract pricing or not remains to be seen.

So, if you’re looking for a very stylish phone that fits women, men, boys and girls equally well, Xperia Arc is the phone. In my opinion, it’s the only phone on earth that suits almost everyone just fine.

But, it has its share of cons too. The device’s specs reminds us of phones of 2010. It’s not a 2011 device specs-wise: no dual-core processor, limited RAM and ROM, doesn’t even features Sony’s own SuperLCD screen (let alone the Super AMOLED display of Galaxy S II), no front-facing camera, etc. And all this would do no good to an android enthusiast who is looking to use the phone at its maximum — like, installing large number of apps and such stuff.

But again, it’s the most beautiful phone and it runs fast too. You won’t experience lags until you load many apps on it, which causes shortage of RAM and thus phone struggles to keep its pace with you, then.

So, if specs don’t matter, buy only this phone. And if specs matter to you, don’t buy this phone.

Brief Specs: Android 2.3 OS pre-installed, 1 GHz Qualcomm processor, 4.2 inch FWVGA screen with res of 854 x 480, 8 MP camera, WiFi, etc.

Are you buying this phone for its great looks or you feel disappointed by the lack of adequate RAM, dual-core processor and front-facing camera?

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