Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo Specifications and Photo Leaked. It’s Sony’s First Dual-Core Phone.

A photo leaked on the Internet is said to belong to Sony Ericsson’s upcoming android phone, the Xperia Duo, whose specs (also rumored together) are nothing short of breathtaking. Xperia Duo is completely unofficial as of now and it exists only in rumors, as also its specifications. The Xperia Duo is said to be powered by howling 1.4 GHz dual-core processor and boasts of massive 4.5 inch qHD display, 12 MP camera and whopping 2500 mAh battery in the back to ensure longer battery life. Since SE has already launched Android 2.3.3 on Arc, releasing the Duo with latest Android OS v2.3.4 won’t be a big deal.

But what’s even more amazing is the setup of the 1.4 GHz dual-core processor which is based on NovaThor A9500 chipset that combines the two A9 ARM cores CPU units with MALI-400 graphical unit (GPU) . Actually, that’s the setup you find in ultra-impressive Galaxy S 2 from Samsung but SE has even upped the power of each core to 1.4 GHz as against S2’s 1.2 GHz. If the Duo is anywhere near real, this phone really looks capable of dethroning the S2 as the best android phone; with HTC Sensation, EVO 3D and Droid X2, etc already below par compared to S2.

Duo’s speculated 4.5 inch display is the maximum an android phone has ever gotten — the first phone being the Samsung Infuse which had 4.5 inch screen too (not counting the Dell Streak which was a tablet more than phone). And at 1.4 GHz dual-core processing power, the Xperia Duo surpasses all other phones currently launched or officially announced. But we did hear some rumors about the quad-core phones.

While we didn’t like the display of Xperia Arc — SE’s flagship device for now — the Xperia Duo’s qHD display is surely a big improvement over the Arc’s but it’s still far from the world’s best Super AMOLED Plus display we’ve got used to with the Galaxy S 2. And let’s not forget the Super AMOLED HD display we’ve heard in rumors of next Nexus phone.

But one thing is sure, 2500 mAh battery is completely new to Android. Thus far, we had highest of 1930 mAh battery powering the Motorola’s first dual-core phone, Atrix 4G. So, SE has taken a giant leap with battery and it was very much required too, because Android phone battery life isn’t impressive at all.

All in all, Xperia Duo looks like a very solid phone that can easily challenge the title of best android phone and promises a lot. But let’s hope the specs remain as rumored in the first place!

Via GSMArena

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