Nexus 3 Photos Leaked. But Will you Wait for it?

Oh snap — rumored Nexus 3 Pics!! But just let us make this clear first: We really do not intend to spoil your phone-purchase-in-plan nor wanna dampen the joy of the new phone you may have purchased just recently but here it is: Nexus 3 (as it’s called right now) looks more real than ever — it even got some photos leaked!

What you’re looking at above is said to be an HTC device — which seems right to us going by the grill at the very top of this device — which could be Google’s next Nexus device. It may be called Nexus 3 or Nexus Prime but it’s apparent this device has no buttons on it, hinting towards what ‘s the first thing we could expect from the next version of Android, the Icecream Sandwich, which will be compatible with both tablets and phones.

We haven’t gotten a number code to represent the Icecream Sandwich OS yet but Google has already made it plenty clear that this next Android iteration is gonna put the need for two separate OS on Android to rest, bringing both the tablets and phones under Icecream Sandwich’s coverage.

Oh yes, LG is also said to be running for the next Nexus but no hint, or sign, of that yet.

About Specs, the above phone is told to have “freaking amazing specs” which I think point towards more than a dual-core processor thing — and it should be, since dual-core chips are as old as January 2011. And, by the time Nexus 3 is launched, dual-core may actually sound full one year old given the fact that Nexus releases have happened in Dec/Jan part of the year. Yep, the Tegra 3 processor based on quad-core chips sounds fitting. So, let’s wait and watch whether Nexus 3 gets the Tegra 3 processor. BTW, we think NFC chips are gonna be there, given the importance Google has given to this tech, quite rightly.

Support for both HSPA+ and CDMA is said to be there, which hints Sprint may cut the deal in US with Google here pretty easily, and neatly. The size of the device is 4.5 to 5 inches — it’s clear it’s fully banking on the space freed up by the removal of buttons.

So, what you’re gonna do now if you haven’t purchased the Galaxy S 2 yet, or the phone of your choice? Does the wait seems appropriate? What if it turns out to be a dual-core Nexus phone, since there is not one actually? And that, the last time Google launched Nexus device, the Nexus S, it relied on the aging 1 GHz processor when the dual-core counterparts were just one month away. Um, I think I’m gonna purchase the Galaxy S 2 as and when it launches in India — which isn’t far, but you be careful if you plan to postpone your purchase. See you, eh!

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