Xiaomi upcoming phone with curves like LG G Flex in the making?

Xiaomi could be working on a new upcoming smartphone with a curved display similar to the LG G Flex and Flex 2. Going by the leaked image above, the device seems to have a curved display. How can we tell its a Xiaomi device? Well, look at the MIUI software on it and the Mi apps.

But, until there’s more evidence or details on such a device, we suggest you take this with a pinch of salt. That’s not to say it’s a baseless rumor as the source is a good one, but we the camera angles could be very deceiving at times, no?

It’s entirely possible that a curved panel device — not one with curved edges, like Mi Note 2 — is in the making, but this pic is of an already-released Mi device. As we’re yet to see any curved device hit the rumor mill, let along listings at Tenaa, or AnTuTu, our very chief source of info about new devices.

Recently, we’ve seen several leaks of Xiaomi devices such as Mi Mix Nano (confirmed to not exist), Mi Pro 2 and another one called Meri. The leaked image we’re seeing above could also belong to one of these devices. Or it could actually be a new Xiaomi device with a curved display. We will have to wait to see if any new details about such a device emerges.

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