Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 images leaked on the Internet

Images of a new smartphone from Xiaomi have leaked out. As can be made out from the crude writing on the back of the device, this device may be called the Mi Pro 2. Or Mi Pro2 if you want.

The square-ish fingerprint sensor present on the back of the smartphone is almost invisible due to the sensor also being white. The camera seems to be bulging outside, leading us to believe that the camera might see more improvements.

What is especially interesting in the leaks is that the antenna bands, which seem to be shaded with a marker, share a good resemblance to those of the iPhone 7.

Since this is the earliest leak out there, we are yet to find out what is present inside the device. After Xiaomi shocked the world with their almost bezel-less Mi Mix, we are definitely eager to find out what Xiaomi has in store with the Mi Pro 2.

Mi Pro 2 Specs

No info regarding the specs is available for the Mi Pro 2. But keep watching this space, as we will be adding more info once it comes out.

Mi Pro 2 Release Date

We expect Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 to hit the market sometime in February 2017. That’s China release, BTW, while it could make it to India sometime in Q2 2017.