Actual Mi Mix screen-to-body ratio is around 86%, not 91.3% as Xiaomi claims

It seems some interesting folk with device and some serious attention to details decided to find out the screen-to-body ratio of Mi Mix from Xiaomi, a device that became the limelight of Xiaomi recent event where it also announced the Mi Note 2.

And what this guy find won’t please Xiaomi, who claimed during the presentation that the said ratio is 91.3% — of course, the highest ever we’ve come across on any device.

The user-made calculation shows that the actual screen-to-body ratio is in fact around 85%, or 86% if you want to round it off to full. This is still incredible, but it’s a bit far cry from official figure of 91.3%.



The image above shows the recorded dimension, and takes into account the screen ratio of 17:9, and length and breadth of display at 15.88″ and 8.19″, while that of screen at 14.45 and 7.65″ approximately.

Multiply those two figures and you get size of 130.05 square inches for display, while about 110.644 square inches for screen. Divide this up (110.644/130.05) and you get the resulting figure of 0.8507, or in percentage terms, the screen-to-body ratio of 85.07%, rounded off to 86%. That’s the maths behind the claim.

Nevertheless, Mi Mix is still a gorgeous device with extraordinary features, one that is exciting lots of folks in tech industry — which is a big deal.

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