Here’s a clear look at Xiaomi’s two-fold phone

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The race for the foldable phones is likely to get intense in 2019 as more and more OEMs are jumping the bandwagon. To stay in the competition Xiaomi has also made known its plan to introduce a foldable phone in near future.

None other than the co-founder of Xiaomi, Li Bin is seen using the foldable device in a video posted on Twitter by Donovan Sung, Xiaomi’s Global Spokesperson, Director of Product Management. Li Bin can be seen opening a few apps and making video calls — which demonstrates that the company has already made some serious progress towards giving us their first foldable phone in the future.

But Xiaomi didn’t give us any date as regards unveil or anything. But given the hype around the foldable and 5G phones right now, we are hopeful to get a brief look at this foldable phone at the MWC 2019. that is scheduled to be held from February 25-29.

The Xiaomi foldable phone in the short video below resembles the one revealed by the famous leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) a few weeks ago. However, this time around the smartphone is shown in a clear well-lit shot.

From the look of it, the device differs a lot compared to what we have seen thus far from other Android OEMs. The main striking difference though is that Xiaomi’s foldable offering is a two-fold device, one that the company is proud to claim in its blog post.

Once you expand the phone fully, the device becomes a 4:3 tablet of sorts, while when folly fold, it goes back to 18:9 aspect — the one in trend right now.

On the specifications front, there is no word on what specs the phone will pack. Although, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the best of the best in play here: Snapdragon 855 processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage, etc. to begin with.

The device’s name is still undecided, obviously, but Xiaomi was naughty enough to tease about that too — the company has asked its users what among the Xiaomi Dual Flex or the Xiaomi MIX Flex looks better to them. So, either of that could be the name. Our best is on the Xiaomi MIX Flex as the MIX series has been on the front of smartphone innovation for years now.

We shall know more about the Xiaomi dual folding phone at the MWC 2019. Stay tuned!

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