Samsung could launch foldable phone with Galaxy S10

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A series of happenings from the recent past suggests that Samsung is almost ready to launch its first foldable smartphone to the world.

Just before the SDC event in November 2018, Samsung-centric publication, SamMobile, unearthed details of a certain Samsung phone codenamed SM-F900U. Days later, Samsung teased the foldable phone at its developer event.

Over the past week, Samsung has been putting up teasers for the February 20 event and a set of billboards in Paris particularly caught the attention of fans. The text is in Korean and when part of it is translated, it says “The future unfolds”, a tag line that can easily be associated with the foldable phone.

At the SDC 2018, Samsung also used a related tagline to refer to the foldable phone – “The crossroads between the present and the future” accompanied by a graphic of two lines that unfold into a right-facing arrowhead.

Now, a separate report (translated from Korean) coming from Korea’s The Bell seems to corroborate all previous developments, claiming that the Galaxy F will be launched alongside the Galaxy S10 on February 20. There were fears that Samsung will set separate launch events for the two devices because the foldable phone might take all the attention away from the S10, but according to the report, Samsung is confident that the two devices are a target for different consumers.

Also, the fact that the Galaxy S series sells about 40 million units annually yet Samsung is targeting to produce only 1 million units of the foldable phone makes the latter less of a threat to the success of the S10.

With the foldable phone, Samsung is only targeting to remind the world (read Apple) that it still has something up its sleeve as far as smartphone innovation is concerned. With Cupertino reportedly working on its version of the foldable phone, it will be interesting to actually see how the future unfolds.


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