Samsung Galaxy Fold could be the name of first foldable phone by the company

Samsung Galaxy Fold

There has been a lot of speculation lately as to what Samsung will name its upcoming foldable smartphone that’s been monikered Samsung Galaxy F by Android enthusiasts. Now, we have confirmation from SamMobile that Samsung has trademarked the name Samsung Galaxy Fold. Surprisingly though, the trademark has been filed in Turkey, of all places.

Samsung Galaxy Fold trademark

Does this mean that the smartphone major will surely go with the name Samsung Galaxy Fold for its marquee foldable phone? Not necessarily. It’s a common practice for large companies to trademark certain names and they don’t necessarily signify anything more than a passing interest in fixating that name. Similarly, LG has trademarked 3 names including ‘Foldi’ and ‘Flex’ in Europe while Huawei has also trademarked the name ‘Fold’.

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There was another rumor recently that pointed out the phone may be named Samsung Galaxy Flex. We had also covered the news where it was reported the phone may be advertised as a gaming device. If there’s anything we’ve learned from these rumors it’s that they’re rumors after all and should be consumed with skepticism.

Having said that, we sincerely hope Samsung avoids the mistake of coming up with confusing names like LG V30S ThinQ or Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 that may also be a feature of the LG foldable phone. While we do want Samsung to keep things simple, the trendsetting phone does deserve a more enticing name than Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Flex.