An LG foldable phone could be presented at CES 2019

The concept of a foldable phone has been with us and all OEMs for several years now. As of today, a certain foldable phone is indeed available, even though it’s not from a company you would subscribe to unless you are a die-hard tech nerd. See the Royale Flexpai Android phone, which is technically the world’s first foldable phone.

But if you are looking for an offering from a more known name, even then the wait may finally be over next year with not one but rather two foldable phones seemingly gracing the market. We’ve always known that Samsung has been working on the foldable phone for a very long time, but LG looks set to spring a surprise on us and other OEMs come next year.

A serial tipster, Evan Blass, revealed that LG will be unveiling its foldable phone during its 2019 CES keynote in January. This makes up for an interesting prospect since Samsung is also reportedly planning to launch its foldable phone, the Samsung F during the same event.

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Rumor has it that Samsung may price its phone at around $2,000 and if we know anything about smartphone competition, it is likely that LG will price its offering in the same range, to not be bogged down by Samsung.

While the exact design, launch date, and price of both these phones remain unknown, it will be interesting to see which of these two manufacturing moguls triumphs over the other and grabs all the attention. Till then, stay tuned while we dig more data to bring you more such news from the Android world!