A new Infinity-V display could power the Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone

Galaxy S9 Plus

The old Motorola flip phones didn’t have much compared to today’s tech, but it was mighty classy to use. Checking your phone in public was cool, answering calls on the flip phone, even cooler. But alas, technology evolved, but we still miss that signature style.

Samsung wants to bring back some of that. Earlier this week, Samsung got the rights to the name ‘Infinity-V’. Mind you, they have been already calling the display on their premium phones as ‘Infinity’.

But there is a reason to believe that at the next Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in the US, Samsung will show us a glimpse of the foldable smartphone device — possibly the Galaxy F — with the trademark ‘Infinity-V’ screen.

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No other specs have been released as of yet and there is no way of knowing how the screen may look like. We can’t even assume if it will have the rounded edges reminiscent to that of the S9 or S8. Only Speculation.

It’s been rumored that Samsung had used the name ‘Project Valley’ internally for the project to develop the early version of the folding device. The V in the ‘Infinity-V’ could be attributed to this new project.

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When can we expect a release date from Samsung? Possibly by 2019, and this too after the release of their S10. The first release has also been cited to be a limited edition release, making itself available only to certain countries. Only time will tell.