Samsung Galaxy Flex foldable phone to be EE exclusive in the UK

Samsung Galaxy Flex

The Samsung Galaxy Flex, the much-awaited foldable smartphone often simply called Galaxy F in this part of the web, is seemingly going to hit the shelves in 2019. And it looks Samsung may be already striking deals with carriers and other partis for this in various countries. The latest rumor out of the UK suggests so, which also drops a word on pricing of the Galaxy Flex, something of a bombshell if you ask us.

Gizmodo reports that the Galaxy Flex might be exclusive to EE in the UK. If that comes out true, then Galaxy Flex will go on sale in the UK via EE and Samsung stores only. And if you would like to buy it in installments, then you would have only option to buy it from EE as it is said to be selling the handset both on contract and SIM-free, whereas Samsung stores will only offer the SIM-free version.

There is no inkling whether Samsung will adopt the Samsung Upgrade program for the SIM-free Galaxy Flex, which allows you to pay 10 percent of the cost upfront and the rest in equal installments for two years provided you keep upgrading to the latest phone every year.

The report further says that its source, who is a Samsung employee, has spilled the beans that the Galaxy Flex will come in an insane price bracket of GBP1500-2000 and the top-end model will likely bear a head-spinning GBP2000 price tag.

So, what we gather here? Of course, the Galaxy Flex will be a low-volume offering. Who after all will be ready to pay such a whopping amount except the super-rich who would like to own it just to brag about? But anyway, you will have the Galaxy S10 to fall back on, which would give the best Samsung smartphone that is equally striking except for the folding magic.