What is Wide Spectrum on iOS 15?


Apple has introduced a slew of enhancements and features that improve the FaceTime experience, both in terms of video and audio. But the improvements in the latter are noticeably better, thanks to the new microphone modes, one of which is the Wide Spectrum mode. What is it and when should you be using it? All this coming up.

What is Wide Spectrum on iOS 15?

Wide Spectrum is the new microphone mode for your iPhone. When selected, Wide Spectrum will let in the ambient background sounds so your caller doesn’t just hear your voice in isolation but also get a feel for where you are.

Apple is making use of advanced machine learning to determine how much of the ambient sounds should be let in before they start to crowd out your own voice, so expect great results with this microphone mode. If the background noises are too loud and interrupting, and you want to switch the focus back to your voice, you can always switch to the other mode – Voice Isolation.

The Wide Spectrum microphone mode is ideal for those who don’t like the focus to be on their voice alone and would rather have a bed of sounds behind it. If you’re a musician taking classes online or recording yourself on your iPhone, or just a regular user who wants to capture the natural sounds in your surrounding while talking with others, Wide Spectrum mode is just the perfect microphone setting for you. 

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How to turn on Wide Spectrum on iPhone on iOS 15

To turn on Wide Spectrum mode on iOS 15, do this:

Launch the FaceTime app and start a call.

Swipe down diagonally from the top right corner to open the Control Center & tap on Mic Mode. Select Wide Spectrum.

Dismiss Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and return to your call.

And that’s it! You have now turned on the Wide Spectrum mode for your microphone.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here we answer a few commonly asked questions about the Wide Spectrum mode on iOS 15.

How is Wide Spectrum different from Voice Isolation?

Where Wide Spectrum lets in the ambient sound and buttresses the sound of your voice with natural sounds, Voice Isolation filters your voice to bring it to focus. In terms of purpose, these two microphone modes are poles apart. Between the two of them, you can choose the microphone mode that you want for your specific purposes, whether it be to capture the ambiance or just your voice.

Can Wide Spectrum only be used on FaceTime?

You can use the Wide Spectrum microphone mode with third-party apps like WhatsApp, Zoom, and Webex as well, not just FaceTime. The various video and audio enhancements brought to the iPhone with iOS 15 can be applied system-wide. 

Can Wide Spectrum work on older iPhone models?

Unfortunately, no. This feature, along with various other features introduced with the latest iOS 15, requires the A12 bionic chip or later. As these are not available on iPhone X and older models, they won’t support Wide Spectrum. 

We hope you have a better understanding of what Wide Spectrum does on iOS 15 and when you can use it.