What is Fish Challenge on TikTok?

Since coming into being, TikTok has created a reputation for being one of the quirkiest social networking sites around, for better or worse. On here, you can find millions of able-bodied TikTokers take part in crazy challenges. From dancing to some propped-up tunes to testing their flexibility — there’s practically no end to this insanity. And honestly, we hope TikTok never runs out of the cringefest we love to hate.

Today, we’ll take a look at one budding challenge on TikTok — one which would most definitely test your physicality. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at TikTok’s newest sensation, the ‘Fish Challenge.’

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What is the Fish Challenge?

As the name suggests, this TikTok challenge demands you to enact like a fish and show your flexibility to the world. A voice-over guides you through the entire process, which is pretty convenient if you ask us. Here, you’ll have to lie on your stomach, put your hands behind your back, and then try to stand up without going over to your side or back, you’ll need to get back up on your feet. Since it’s basically instructing you to get back up on your feet, this challenge has also been dubbed as the ‘StandUp’ channel. 


Lexi takeover! @lexibrookerivera

♬ original sound – Ashley Jenkins

In a broader sense, The ‘Fish Challenge’ on TikTok is pretty much all about enacting what a fish would do if it’s taken out of the water. Surprisingly, this particular trend didn’t take off as much as TikTok had hoped. The ‘Fish Challenge’ we mentioned above pretty much stole all its limelight. 

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How to do the Fish Challenge

As mentioned earlier, the ‘Fish Challenge’ template comes with its own set of instructions, tucked in neatly inside a voice-over. Still, if you’re looking for some practice before hitting the record button, feel free to check out the instructions we are doling out. 

First, get into a comfortable pair of bottom wear. Jeans and leather pants might be super cool, but they won’t do you any good while performing this challenge.


My groins hurt 😱 #standupchallenge #gymnast #foryou #fyp

♬ original sound – Ashley Jenkins

Now, lie face — stomach down, to be honest — on a flat surface, preferably on the floor. Many TikTokers have taken a more comfortable approach and went for a mattress, but that could make the task even more difficult. So, for optimum support and performance, try a concrete or wooden floor. After you’ve placed yourself on the ground, put your hand behind your back. Your broad shoulder blades, alongside your feet — which should be in a straight line — should resemble a fish; at least from the top-view. Finally, all you have to do is get up on your feet, without rolling over to either side or lying on your back. If you can manage it successfully, more than once, be sure to hit the record button. 

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Should you do the ‘Fish Challenge’

The ‘Fish Challenge’ is truly a fun challenge to take part in. However, just because it’s fun, don’t put your body on the line. As you may have figured out already, you need to be pretty flexible to be able to do the ‘Fish Challenge’ successfully. If you’re comfortable in your skin and believe that you have the right amount of flexibility to pull it off, go right ahead with the challenge. However, if you’re uncertain and tend to suffer from muscular injuries, we’d advise you to sit this one out. 

The Fish Challenge 🐠 - Best TikTok Flexibility Videos Compilation 2020

Irrespective of your level of physical flexibility, we recommend stretching pretty thoroughly before you even think about trying this challenge. An injury to the groin area is never a pretty sight, trust us.


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