Tiktok Silhouette Challenge Song: Which One Is It and Where To Find It?

TikTok has been the launching pad for a number of creators. It is no wonder that many of us have our playlists, filled with songs we hear on the platform. Whenever a sound is used for any challenge, it immediately blows up. However, not all the sounds you hear on TikTok are complete songs. Some of the sounds are mash-ups of different songs, which leave listeners craving for a remix. 

One challenge, that has recently gained popularity, has such a crave-worthy sound. Called the Silhouette Challenge, it has now spilled off TikTok and has reached other platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram as well. The #SilhouetteChallenge trend basically involves the users showing off their physique without any explicit nudity. Before you fill your ears with the melody, let’s take a look at the challenge. 

What is the Silhouette Challenge? 

The challenge has users walking near a door frame, possibly in their homes, dressed in baggy clothes. When the beat of the song drops, the lighting changes to red. As the lighting changes, only the user’s silhouette can be seen. They then use the doorframe to strike poses or dance, to show off their curves and muscles.

This is all that there is to the challenge. 


What is the song in the Silhouette Challenge?

There are a few songs that have been used by the trend-followers. However, the song that most users add to their video while completing the challenge is a remix. 

The sound basically is an adulteration of Paul Anka’s Put Your Head on My Shoulder: Find  it on YouTube here.

Source: Instagram

The classic is mashed up with Doja Cat’s Streets: Find it on YouTube here.

Source: Instagram

This is not the first of Doja Cat’s songs to have skyrocketed to popularity on TikTok. Songs like Say so and Juicy, have been the soundtracks for multiple trends. But this time, Doja’s music is accompanied by that of Paul Anka. 

The Streets X Put Your Head on My Shoulder remix, is a nice and naughty transition well suited for the challenge. The sound starts off with the unaltered classic. When Anka sings the word “shoulder”, the beat drops, and the song transitions to Doja’s song. So, it goes from sweet to sensual at the drop of the beat. 

Where to find the Silhouette Challenge song?

Having heard the Streets X Put Your Head on My Shoulder sound, are you looking to hear more of it? There is no official remix of the two songs. However, there have been a couple of remixes uploaded on platforms like YouTube and Sound Cloud. All the remixes start with the TikTok sound, then the rest of the song is pretty much a slowed-down version of Doja’s song.

Find the Put Your Head on My Shoulder song here: YouTube | SoundCloud

If you are looking for this song on platforms like Spotify, then you are out of luck. The fan-remix is not on other platforms. 

You can listen to Anka’s song and Doja’s songs, separately, on pretty much all music streaming platform. Doja’s song Freak is also one that has drawn influence from Anka’s classic. So, you can give that a listen as well. 

Find Freak song here: YouTube

What do you think of the #silhouettechallege? What other TikTok sounds do you wish were songs you could vibe to?