What Does ‘Recently Used Dating’ Mean on Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social networking service in the world. Generally, for most of us, Facebook is a place to connect with friends, to share thoughts and ideas. However, the social networking giant has also dipped its toe into matchmaking, thanks to its dedicated dating wing — “Facebook Dating.” Today, we’ll take a closer look at Facebook Dating and tell you what ‘Recently Used Dating’ means on Facebook. 

What does ‘Recently Used Dating’ mean?


When someone mentions that they recently used Dating on Facebook, all they mean is that they are talking about using the dating feature in the Facebook app. If you see a badge or something about it, then that also means all the same.

Does Facebook notify anyone about dating?

If you were anxious about someone on Facebook seeing your activity on Facebook Dating, we’d like to assure you that the two worlds will never collide. So, irrespective of what you do on Facebook Dating, your regular Facebook account will not be impacted by it. Even if you delete a picture or change your profile details, your Facebook account would continue to function just as before. 

There is one instance where a Facebook contact might know about your existence on Facebook Dating. However, to trigger that, they will have to join Facebook Dating themselves and the two of you must put each other’s name on the list of ‘Secret Crushes.’ When that happens and the stars align, Facebook Dating would match the two of you in an instant. 

It’s unclear if Facebook will put a badge or something on your profile when you use Dating.

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Can you see when a contact was last online on Facebook Dating? 

Yes, just as the regular Facebook chat, you can see when a person was last online. You can do so by going into the Facebook app, opening Facebook Dating, and going into ‘Conversations.’

If a person was online just now, you will see ‘Just now’ written right next to their name. Else, you will see the last time — or even date if it’s over 24 hours — when they used Facebook Dating. 

Once again, under no circumstances would your friends see when you were last online or used Facebook Dating. This goes strictly against Facebook’s privacy policy. 


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