What Does Active Today Mean on Instagram?

Instagram is known for being one of the most popular social media platforms today. Apart from the usual photo and video sharing activities on the app, the direct messages and chatting facilities have also been popular. However, since this medium of instant messaging is not conventional for most users, there might be concerns regarding the receipt of the messages and their possible responses.

Keeping that in mind, Instagram uses the activity statuses for the users. You will find these statuses next to the names of the users in your chat. If you are confused with the new status of Active now, this article will give you a detailed idea regarding the same. 

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What are the activity statuses for Instagram users?

Instagram mainly has four activity statuses for Instagram users. These are as follows:

1. Active now: This status comes with the green dot. This is used to show that a user is online on the app. Even if you have been inactive for five minutes, you will be shown as active on the app. It means that you are active on the app and will most probably receive the messages. 

2. Active x minutes/hours ago: This status is to reveal that the user was active on the app a certain time ago. You will receive this status if you are inactive on the app for more than 5 minutes and up to about 8 hours. 

3. Active today: This status is to show that the user was sometimes active in a day. You receive this from Instagram when you have been inactive Instagram for 8-24 hours. It basically means you were active earlier that day. 

4. Active yesterday: This means that the user was not active in a day. When you are inactive on Instagram from 24-48 hours, you will receive this status on the app. 

What Does Active Today Mean On Instagram?

The status of Active today might be slightly complicated. Unlike the other statuses, it does not specify hours of inactivity. In case the user has opened Instagram once in the past 24 hours, they will come across with the Active today status.

On the other hand, their status will come across as Active x hours ago if they opened Instagram at least once in the past 8 hours. Thus, if a user is inactive on the app for more than 8 hours and less than 24 hours, you will see the Active today status next to their name.

What is the difference between “Active today” and “Active now” on Instagram?

The two statuses of “Active now” and “Active today” might sound similar. However, there is a major difference between the two. Active now the status is given to people that are online on Instagram and have been active on the app in at least the last 5 minutes.

However, if a user has been inactive on the app for more than 5 minutes, you will see the status of Active x m/h ago. When the user is inactive for a long time between 8 and 24 hours, they will receive the status of Active today. 

How accurate is the Active today status on Instagram?

Instagram tries to track the last you came online in terms of hours while updating the activity statuses. It keeps note of when you last opened the app for this. And we believe they are quite accurate with this — even if someone denies this, lol.

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Why does Instagram say Active today instead of mentioning hours?

Instagram does mention hours in the other activity statuses. It mainly mentions statuses in terms of hours when the users have been active in the last 8 hours. In case you come online twice in more than 8 hours, your activity status will be shown in terms of hours. However, if you are inactive for 8 hours or more at a stretch, you will receive the status of Active today. It depicts that you are an active user, but have been inactive for a short while. 

How long does Active today status last?

The Active today status will last for 24 hours. You will find this status next to the name of a user when they are inactive for about 8 hours or more at a stretch. This status will change into Active yesterday when you have been inactive on Instagram for more than 24 hours. Thus, the Active today status on Instagram lasts for about 24 hours or less. 

Why can’t I see when someone was last active on Instagram?

You will not be able to see someone’s activity statuses on Instagram if they have chosen to hide them on their accounts. This is mainly done by changing the privacy settings on Instagram. If users are concerned with their Instagram followers finding out about their activities on the app, they can choose to restrict the same from their followers. 

How to hide my activity status on Instagram

You can hide your activity status on Instagram from your privacy settings. Open Instagram and tap on your profile icon which is located in the bottom right corner. 

Next, tap on the menu icon to the top right corner of your Instagram profile screen. 

In the new pop-up, tap on Settings. This will open the Settings screen. 

Next, tap on Privacy. This will open the list of your privacy settings. 

Scroll to find Activity Status in this screen, and then tap on it. 

If you turn the toggle off next to “Show Activity Status”, other accounts on Instagram will not be able to see if you are currently active or inactive on the app. Turning this off will also turn off the toggle for “Show When You’re Active Together”. This helps you hide your activity status in direct message chats. 

Why does Instagram keep showing me active even when I am inactive?

Basically, it may happen when you open the app by mistake because it was in your Recent apps of something, or any other reason. Maybe you forgot it opened on some other device, including your PC.

If you do not want that to happen, you have to make sure that you close the app/website completely after using it. You can also log out from the app/website. It will remember your credentials and you will be able to log in easily the next time. It will no longer show you active on Instagram.