Want to keep notification badge count even after dismissing the notifications? Here’s what you can do

With the release of Android 8.0 Oreo, Google solved an age-old issue of notification management on mobile devices with the help of Notification Dots. While the feature has already existed on Android OEMs such as Samsung Galaxy devices for years, the feature is now available across the entire platform seamlessly.

However, the feature isn’t exactly foolproof, since the way notification badge count on certain apps works is different. For instance, certain apps keep the notification count even after being dismissed (Outlook and stock Messages app), while other apps lose the notification badge count when the notification for that particular app is dismissed.

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This anomaly has nothing to do with the Android OS itself since the way these notifications react is directly related to the app. If you want a specific app to keep the notification badge count even after you dismiss the notifications for that app, you’ll need the app developer to bring you that feature.

All you need to do is head over to the Google Play Store (latest version APK) and navigate to the app in question, scroll down and find the Additional Information section. Here you can find contact information under the Developer tab, so shoot out an email and let them know that you want the ability to keep notification badge count even after dismissing the notifications in their app.

You’d be surprised by how willing the app developers are to listen to their user base, so don’t be shy and hit them up with your constructive comments.

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