How to get Dark Sky-like notifications on iOS 15

iOS 15 features have been the talk of the town since the developer preview was released to the public last week. New features are being discovered every day and the latest one seems to be weather-specific animated notifications. You can now get animated notifications on your device that reflect the current weather of your location. This can be quite aesthetically pleasing and you can use this to your advantage to get timely weather updates on your device. Here’s how you can enable weather-specific dark sky-like notifications on iOS 15

How to get Dark Sky-like weather notifications on iOS 15

Open the Weather app on your iOS device and tap on the ‘Menu’ icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

Now tap on the ‘3-dot’ menu icon in the top right corner. 

Tap and select ‘Notifications’. 

Now enable the toggle for ‘My Location’ at the top of your screen. 

Additionally, if you have multiple locations set up on your device, then you can turn each one on or off individually.

And that’s it! Dark-sky-like weather notifications will now be enabled on your iOS device. 

How to enable location for the weather app

The weather app will need access to your location data at all times if you are to get animated dark-sky-like notifications on your device. To do this, you will need to grant the app to access your location permission at all times. Use the guide below to grant the location permission if you already haven’t done that. 

Open the Settings app and tap on ‘Privacy’. 

Tap on ‘Location Services’ at the top. 

Scroll to the bottom and tap on ‘Weather’. 

Now tap on ‘Always’. 

And that’s it! Weather can now access your current location at any given point in time. 

When will I get dark sky-like notifications?

Weather will send you animated notifications regarding the current weather whenever it rains or snows in one of your tracked locations. In case the weather is simply sunny or hazy, you won’t be provided with an update. Additionally, any natural disasters or calamities in your area will also show up in the weather app but if they have an animated notification is yet to be seen. The next time it rains or snows in your location, you should be able to get dark sky-like notifications on your iOS 15 device. 

We hope this guide helped you easily enable animated dark sky-like weather notifications on your iOS 15 device.

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